Top Marriage Advice for Newlyweds (and Everyone Else) About Conflict – Part 2

Top Marriage Advice for Newlyweds (and Everyone Else) About Conflict – Part 2 January 17, 2023

These two articles (see Part 1, here) are new entries in our series to equip engaged and newlywed couples  – and anyone else trying to create a great marriage. Based on more than 18 years of research and 12 nationally-representative studies with more than 40,000 men and women, these articles identify some of the most simple (but essential) habits for highly happy marriages. And this research is newly recovered from the vaults! Share it with those getting married! * 

Those who are married are often encouraged to pursue the day-to-day issues that matter to them – to stand up for themselves and their wants and needs. As you’ll see below (and in Part 1), while it is indeed crucial for each of us to honor what matters to us (and our mate), our research found we are far more likely to have a happy marriage if we acknowledge what matters to us but don’t always push it to (or past) the point of conflict. In other words, we are far more likely to be happy in marriage if we develop a habit of letting things go – both in the moment, and over time. 

How do we actually do that? Especially without losing who we are, or turning into a doormat? That’s what this Part 2 is about. And it is a bit longer than usual in order to unpack the five key action steps that arose from our research on this secret to creating a Highly Happy Marriage.  


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