4 Shifts That Brought a Struggling Marriage Back From the Brink

4 Shifts That Brought a Struggling Marriage Back From the Brink June 6, 2023

A note from Shaunti: I’m excited this week to introduce you to the newest member of our team, our lead editor Laurie Davies, via this guest blog. If your marriage has settled into a place of “so-so,” or if it’s hanging on by a thread, her story – coupled with small shifts that brought her marriage back in a big way – may offer a vision that your story could change, too. 

By Laurie Davies 

The trip to Alaska felt like a Hail Mary. Only it was our marriage – not a football – flying 2,500 feet through the air. My husband Greg and I planned to explore rugged Alaskan wilderness and maybe put our marriage back together. It didn’t seem like too much to ask. 

The previous few years had been rough. We’d both buried parents and dreams. Our son moved out in a huff, leaving us with an empty nest, which sounds a lot like emptiness. A couple of ruptured discs required back-to-back spinal fusions for me. And there were the other ruptures – marital patterns that we’d stopped attending to because, let’s face it, the sandwich years can take a bite out of bliss.  

Headed to a retreat attended by strangers from all over the U.S., I hoped beach walking and whale watching would take us back to the love for recreation that highlighted our 20s and 30s.  

 But of all things to rekindle a spark, it was … potatoes. 

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