March 26, 2017

*Your mileage may vary A New Moon is a great time to set out your intentions for the following month, and Monday’s New Moon in Aries is packing a particular punch. But attempting to “manifest” something alone isn’t going to do it for you. So, in true Aries style, allow me to say: sit down, shut up, and pay attention. You could end up wasting this opportunity. *** But first, an old joke, slightly modified to address the subject of… Read more

March 23, 2017

First, the overall conditions in effect: Mercury spends the weekend opposite Jupiter and conjunct Uranus. This means that you (or someone you’re close to, or someone you’re trying to get closer to) may very well say something bold and impulsive that either moves the situation along — or possibly starts a brawl. Don’t forget that Mars is still in Taurus (more on that HERE), and this will tend to make people both a little hornier and a little more obnoxious… Read more

March 19, 2017

Monday is the first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, the first day of autumn in the Southern Hemisphere, and around the Equator it’s called “March 20th.” To astrologers, Monday is the day when the Sun enters Aries. Odds are good that you yourself aren’t an Aries, but odds are good you know and love one, work with one, or had one cut you off in traffic. It isn’t your job to restrain an Aries — that’s what cops… Read more

March 16, 2017

Friday is St Patrick’s Day, an annual festival in which millions of people wear green, get drunk, and attempt to claim some portion of Irish Culture for themselves regardless of their actual ancestry. For me, this raises two questions. One: lots of countries have traditions of drinking and have different Patron Saints, so why aren’t we celebrating those (Join me on April 29th for St. Catherine of Siena’s day. Bring your own Pinot Grigio!)? Two: St. Patrick is also the… Read more

March 12, 2017

Mars is in Taurus now, and will be there until April 21st. Mars rules temper, and Mars in Taurus is considered to be a particularly problematic placement — moody, easily set off by minor annoyances, and ready to blow up at the first sign that its routine is being messed with. it’s best to be prepared for the inevitable results you’ll get (given the idiots you constantly find yourself surrounded with), so here is a handy guide as to where,… Read more

March 9, 2017

In astrology, the sex drive is ruled by Mars. Mars has just entered the Sign of Taurus, which could make things really… interesting… for your love life and the love lives of those around you. Mars in Aries was impulsive and goal-oriented. Mars in Taurus has a reputation for being slow to act and irritable and hard to burst out of its routines… yet can nonetheless be incredibly passionate. When you consider that Venus is currently retrograde (and will be… Read more

March 5, 2017

Sometimes a weekly forecast can stand on its own, and sometimes what’s going on in a given week has to be considered within the context of a larger transit. This is one of those weeks where the smaller transits could serve to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Here’s hoping that camel deserved it. The big ongoing issue is the Jupiter-Uranus opposition (more about that HERE). This opposition is compelling and brings lots of new ideas and initiatives,… Read more

March 3, 2017

Venus turns retrograde on Saturday morning, and theoretically this means that new romance (or positive progress within an existing relationship) might be harder to get. However, in practice, what it means is that you should apply a little more introspection when it comes to what your love life goals are. *** FRIDAY: Yeah, you go ahead and do whatever you like today, because although the Moon is in Taurus (and that would normally be great for romance), it’s Void of… Read more

February 27, 2017

Notice how in the last couple of months you’ve had the energy and the ideas to make the changes you need in your life, but somehow none of it has gained traction the way it ought to? Both that enthusiasm and the capricious ability to apply it have largely been due to Jupiter opposite Uranus. This week, Mars joins the party, being conjunct Uranus, which will likely amplify both ends of that equation. This could be a great time to… Read more

February 25, 2017

Drama! Pageantry! Excess! These are things that naturally occur on Oscar Night, but this year’s ceremony is likely to be especially sensational, due to a Solar Eclipse mere hours before the awards show starts. Remember that any Eclipse is a one-time event, but it spreads its influence out over time until the next set of Eclipses (in this case, August). So, if you have any major placements closely aspecting 8 degrees Pisces, you won’t necessarily feel the effects of it… Read more

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