Conversations with the Ogre

Conversations with the Ogre December 6, 2014
morano.vincent, Flickr C.C.

Me: “I know you’re crazy busy with finals and everything, but I need 2 hours of your time tonight to deal with Christmas presents and money and everything awful.”

The Ogre: “Sounds good. How about I feed the kids dinner first and clean the kitchen?”

Me: “I love you. You’re amazing. Now let’s do this Christmas shizzle.”

…2 hours later…

The Ogre: *plays video without comment*

Me: “Oh that is so me right now.”

The Ogre: “That’s why I played it.”

Me: “Well, there’s my blog post for today.”

The Ogre: “Yeah, that’s also why I played it. I love you.”


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