A Real American Girl

A Real American Girl September 27, 2012

As the mom of a little boy, I miss out on the whole doll experience.

However, check out this sweet story of an adopted little girl, her family, and — yes — her doll!


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  • bellagrazi

    Awe. I hope one day you have a little baby girl, Bristol! And I hope she’s just like you – beautiful and sweet.

    • Coretta Shelton

      my thoughts exactly, I too had a sperm donor and my son was estraigned from his absentee, dead beat father, but the slap in the face is that the goverment encourages this by not enforcing enforcement of child support, after so long of not being to locate them that do not want to be found , you loose the monies they are supposed to get because they dont want to be found. I would like to have a law legislated to have all monies owed would not have a time limit and no matter the amount of time. it takes to collect, that is monies you stole, from mother and child would be collected.

  • Thomas Hubbard

    My wife and I have considered adopting or bring in a foster child we do have children. Being in our sixties we have thought would it be fair to a child not being able to live a full life with their parents, but again we just may bring in a foster child to love!

  • I gotta say that I think one of the great tragedies in this country has been the real lack of transracial adoptions in our society, and of adoptions in general. For the greatest, most prosperous country on Earth to even HAVE orphanages and children without families is a stain on all of us. This country should be THE place for families -REAL, traditional families, that are always willing – and encouraged by the State – to open their homes to children who need families. Orphanages should be practically empty in America. Social service agencies should be more family-oriented; placing children in homes at a constant rate. The legal system should be restructured to promote and encourage adoption. Citizens should unite against ANY and ALL forces that stand between a child and a home – for whatever reason … period. Churches should be leading the way on this … ESPECIALLY for transracial adoptions!