Why I Won’t Be Seeing Any Jim Carrey Movies Anytime Soon

Why I Won’t Be Seeing Any Jim Carrey Movies Anytime Soon March 28, 2013

So, did you see Jim Carrey’s mean-spirited YouTube clip called “Cold, Dead Hand?”

In it, he makes fun of middle America, southerners, and — particularly — gun owners.  (No, not the gun owners whom he hires to protect him… the ones with a southern twang who used to watch Hee Haw.  You know, Republicans! It’s okay for his people to have guns.  Just not us!)

Anyway, Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity did a great job taking him down a notch or two.  (Well, they did and so did the millions of Americans in “fly 0ver country” who won’t see his latest movie.)

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Sorry, guys — as many of you pointed out, this video didn’t work. Here’s the original video you can see… if you want!


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  • Bristol,
    User pulled video down.

    • Now that I have more time, I want to speak to the substance of your post here and embellish: Carrey is a typical Hollywood hypocrite. Guns are good when he’s using them or he’s being protected by them. They’re bad for everyone else. This much, I think is obvious.
      His expectation that we “bend” and give up our rights shows what a megalomaniac he is. Who is he to tell citizens they should give a up a Constitutional right – and “bend”?
      His use of crude language, gestures, metaphors, and insults illustrate that his argument is patently absurd and lacks merit.

  • Dawn


  • Anne Bailey

    So shamefull of Jim Carrey!

  • harold

    lol no one cares if you see any of his movies again… acting like your the king of the world haha

  • Misty

    Notice how the Left always ignores gun crimes in Chicago?

  • TrueBlue

    So if the Hollywood actor agrees with Conservatives, he/she’s an independent thinker (like Jennifer Lawrence and Bruce Willis, who have all been applauded in this blog, and even Jon Lovitz, who has been applauded in this blog for his f-word laden rant against President Obama). But if the Hollywood actor is clearly a liberal, he/she’s being mean, a sheep, toes the lefty line. Well, it’s your prerogative to boycott Jim Carrey, but this schtick isn’t much different from anything else he’s ever done before.

    • Dawn

      Great post, but be prepared to be ridiculed. I don’t know about you, but I don’t check an actors politics when deciding to see a movie. For instance, I believe Patricia Heaton is a right winger and quite outspoken, but I like her acting and watch her sitcom.

      • Dawn, don’t be a HATER, if you are, then go away!!!
        You’re welcome.

      • TrueBlue

        So true, Dawn. I’m not a Patricia Heaton fan, but take me to a Clint Eastwood movie any day! And Gary Sinise — love him! I’m a Dem, but I don’t deprive myself of good entertainment just because the entertainer wouldn’t vote as I would. And Bristol’s too young to remember “Hee Haw,” so it’s no wonder she couldn’t put Carrey’s skit into context. I thought it was hilarious.

        • Dawn

          Take a walk on the creepy side, and go view Twitchy.com. The borderline demented comments they spew there are unbelievable. Malkin can’t go a day without posting about Carrey. He’s living rent free in her head. Lol. She has about 100 people who post comments and every comment only has thumbs up. She doesn’t allow anyone to post who doesn’t agree with her. I have read comments about the Obamas that are so racist, but get 90 thumbs up. Malkin doesn’t care that she attracts these type of people to her website. Twitter trolling at it’s lowest.

        • MiddleRoader

          I do enjoy “The Middle,” with Patricia Heaton, which, now that I think about it, also pokes fun at “middle America”. (I assume that’s what the name refers to.) And “Last Man Standing,” with Tim Allen, is full of zingers against Obama and the govt. (balanced out slightly by opposing zingers from other cast members.) Some are funny, whether I agree or not.

    • Go away, HATER!!!

      You’re welcome.

    • melory

      “But if the Hollywood actor is clearly a liberal, he/she’s being mean, a sheep, toes the lefty line.”

      That is so true about liberal Hollywood actors!

      • TrueBlue

        You’ve got problems, Melory.

  • Carrey’s an IDIOT!!!
    Thanks, Bristol!!! You’re great!!!

  • Thanks Bristol, you’re great!!!

  • Thotocv

    Nowhere near as funny as Conan Obrien melding Honey Boo Boo on Sarah Palin at CPAC!

  • Thotocv

    Actually,not even as funny as that new Sarah PAC ad asking for more money.

    • Please go someplace else, HATER!!!

      You’re welcome.

  • MiddleRoader

    I agree, Dawn. (I guess there might be some cases where someone’s views are so repugnant that it might affect my viewing choice, but generally, who cares? They’re actors.) Carrey’s video was a parody on Hee Haw; I personally didn’t see it as an attack on white Southerners, but that’s just my take on it. I get the point about being a hypocrite, b/c he has an armed bodyguard, but I don’t think he’s advocating total gun control, just an assault weapons band. And it’s a bit ironic to me that Bristol finds Carrey so offensive, but praises Coulter, who has unapologetically used the r-word and a homosexual slur. And in her take-down of Carrey, she said Rand Paul and Marco Rubio are too short to be President, and the govt should drop a drone on Jane Fonda.

  • Susan Miller

    I wish I could see the video, but this sight won’t allow it to be played. I was never hardly a Jim Carrey fan to begin with. There was always something about him I didn’t like. I believe that the actor/actress’ if they want to stay on the public’s good side, they need to curb their tongues. Ever since I found out about Jane “Hanoi Jane” Fonda I refuse to watch any of her shows/movies. Look at what happened to the country group the “Dixie Chicks”. They dissed their President on foreign soil. They are no longer a group because American’s spoke up and made it hard for the Dixie Chicks to make music. Natalie Maines is trying it solo. I still refuse to listen to her music, whatever genre she is trying to sing. Now, even more so I will not watch any Jim Carrey movies. You don’t diss your country or the freedoms of American’s. I am a true Red White and Blue American citizen. My Daddy served for 26 1/2 years in the Air Force. He just passed away a month ago. I love and miss you always and forever Daddy.

    • MiddleRoader

      Sarah Palin has criticized the President and the administration on foreign soil as well (India and Hong Kong). Not as blatantly as the Dixie chicks, but still…

  • jessica

    Jim Carey also very effectively mocked trial lawyers (who tend to be Liberal Democrats) in Liar Liar. It was hysterical. I never heard of lawyers or Democrats whining about it the time. It is just entertainment. Lighten up.

  • Jeffrey D. Cavagnaro

    Just what we need: another Canadian (Jim Carrey) telling us what our Constitution says… Next thing you know the Brits will be lecturing us (Hello, Piers….).

  • Dennis Carr

    Jim Carrey stopped being funny the second time I saw him, I had a brother that was just as stupid, doing things to the other children to be funny…. It wasn’t funny.. Never bought a JC DVD or VCR and never will.. Should him lose all his money would be just fine with me.. Go back to flipping burgers for a living…

  • Dennis Carr

    Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity Pulled the video, they can go to Mecca too… I don’t believe in hell and that well be better..

  • Unfortunatlly, the work is not finished for any of us including mama grizzley… Keep on truckin… ~ !

  • Tiffany

    Heres one right back at Jim CAREY! I stand with you and will not be watching Jim Carey for some time…

  • CJ

    I’m with you 150%, Bristol!

  • David

    Jim Carey has always been walking a thin line between Crazy and Stupid.
    But now Jim Carey is leaning a little more toward the Stupid side.
    It has been a while since I have watched any of Jim Carey’s movies.

  • Barbara Landi

    I never liked Jim Carrey or his humor anyway, and now I REALLY can’t stand him.

  • I’m with you, Bristol! He has been making such awful movies lately that it won’t be hard to miss them! If only he would just think..if we armed school staff, most or all of those kids at Sandy Hook would still be with us. The principle and another teacher had to try to stop him with no weapons and he killed them, if they had guns, they would be here with their families telling the story of how a gunman tried & failed to shoot all of those people! And the liberals would be fighting to get him out of jail bc ‘it was his childhood or whatever that messed him up’ smh

    • Dawn

      You are kidding right? That’s some messed up thinking. American gun nuts are selfish people. They would rather risk the lives of kids than give up anything they consider their right. Anyone with a brain in their head would understand that if the teachers were armed, this shooter would have come in guns blazing and there would have been twice as many dead kids and teachers. This wasn’t a movie where some hero takes a shot and saves the day. Stupid, stupid thinking. And I’m sure Jim Carrey doesn’t care if leanne or any other selfish gun nut comes to see his moves.

  • Huntingmoose

    More than some.

    How in the world can you enjoy a movie if you are constantly reminded of all the political crap when you see that actor’s face?

    • Dawn

      So, what do you do? Do you scour the internet to find political comments an actor has made before deciding to watch them or not? On the other hand you might be right. There are certain reality shows I just couldn’t watch because I knew about their unreasonable hatred for the left. I also knew they were total hypocrites.

      • Liz Lenning

        Dawn, Please do some research at real places, not just blogs, facebook and the media. Look up Chicago’s crime rate before and after they imposed some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. Look at the FBI statistics for that info. Look at England’s crime rate for gun crimes before and after they outlawed private ownership of guns. Gun related crimes go down, when the citizens are allowed to own guns. The cities and country where all housholds are required to own guns ( with exceptions for criminals, mentlly ill, and those who don’t believe in owning a gun.) all have seen their crime rates go down. If a criminal can choose to rob the house with a gun owner, or a house of someone who doesn’t own a gun, they will choose the unsecured house. That way they have less risk of getting shot, if the homeowner does not own a gun. If a crazy person wants to shoot up a school, they will get a gun. They don’t care about the laws they are going to break by shooting people, why would you think that a gun law will stop them. Shoot someone, you die or live in prison for the rest of your life. Break a gun law, you pay a fine or go to a local jail for a couple of months or years. It makes no sense that a gun law would have saved those children, but a bullet from a teacher or principal would have. It is criminal, that we don’t do everything possible to secure the schools where our children spend 1350 hours every year. If risking the lives of our children by telling all would-be criminals that they won’t encounter any resistance when they shoot kids in a school is selfish, then I AM A SELFISH, STUPID, GUN OWNER WHO WILL HUG MY SON AFTER SCHOOL TODAY!

        • MiddleRoader

          The statistics are very murky, at least in part because the NRA has successfully lobbied to insert riders in various laws that prohibit or limit the ATF and CDC from collecting and releasing data on gun violence. I absolutely agree that the Administration has been too focused on massacres at the expense of the daily gun violence that is often drug and alcohol-related. The terrible rate of gun murders in Chicago is largely due to drug gangs that moved in to the area, poor enforcment of existing gun laws, and interstate gun trafficking. Here’s a novel idea: Let’s start with common ground: Most people on both sides support universal background checks. Even right-winger Ben Shapiro, in his infamous debate with Piers Morgan, said he absolutely supports them, “no exceptions”. Let’s ask Congress to pass a clean bill imposing background groundchecks on all gun purchases.

  • michael

    Well my argument is the same…I’m tired of people pointing guns at ME. An unarmed citizen. And, yes, The President is armed though he doesn’t have to pull the trigger he is most always surrounded by the best straight from the hip sharpshooters who are payed to and are willing to get between an assailant and The President. I am tired of paying for telling the truth and/or lying. I am tired of not being allowed to be myself. I am tired of not being allowed to be anyone else. I am tired of not being allowed to pretend to be like anyone else, and tired of trying to find out who I am or was or will be, or who I want to be. I am not allowed to defend myself or the people or country I had believed in. I am not allowed to defend myself or the country both of whom I don’t believe in. My grandfather died fighting home grown terrorism after fighting them, nazi communists, in another country.
    I am not mad at Jim Carrey for Republicans winding up on the butt end of a writer’s joke. If we identify with those he makes fun of (entertainment) it gives relevance to the argument. Far too many actors have been punished, sometimes with their lives (or worse) for people they portrayed and even people we ourselves identified with.
    Of course this character he is portraying might evolve into the “good guy” at the end whom we can still identify with, though with less of a sting. Maybe he’ll save the girl or the orphanage. Or get the gold or his families farm back. (Or all four? Or three or two?) Notice the red bandana? I will put mine back on my steering column.

  • Susan Duffield

    He needs to be educated but some people have a one track mind and no matter how hard you try for them to see the light you can’t.

  • Miss Amy

    The deal is Jim Carrey is Canadian and Canadians do not understand the 2nd Amendment, I really wish that Canadians would have the common courtesy to stay out of our countries Politics. I always check out where these actors and comedian’s are from.

    • MiddleRoader

      Carrey became a U.S. citizen 1o yrs ago and has lived in the States for longer than that. (He has dual citizenship.) You can condemn his video, politics, acting ability, etc. to your heart’s content, but he has all the citizenship rights afforded to him by the Constitution. I might add here that the imprisoned pastor Sayeed Abedini also has dual citizenship (became U.S. citizen in 2010, according to Wikipedia). Should we question his views solely b/c he’s from Iran? Of course not!

  • Thomas

    Annie get your Guns, there’s a nut case in town!

  • Tawny Jones

    Carrey has always been a repulsive jerk. He was never funny.

    • melory

      That is exactly how I feel – I watched one – was a waste of my time – never again.

  • Mary Vann

    Due to the crud being put out by movie makers, I have not been to a theatre since 1991. When I see the rare movie worth watching, I buy it! I am not into comedy, so have never been interested in Carrey. He just isn’t worth watching.

  • louise heath

    Wishing you a Happy Easter.

  • Renny

    He’s just such an idiot.

  • Susan Condit

    He’s a disgusting animal. His movies are filthy. How dare him mock the law abiding citizens who just don’t want their 2nd amendment infringed upon.

  • Tomas Dishman

    I am no fan of Jim Carey. Self Absorbed actor with nothing better to do than mock the dead.

  • Disappointed.

    You guys are stupid, just throwing that out there. I have a great idea, let’s take away his right to free speech because he hurt our feelings. Grow up.

    • patlynnfor

      Nobody is saying he doesn’t have the right to say it, but along with that right is our right to disagree. And to disagree whole-heartedly. So don’t call anyone stupid for exercising their rights, too.

  • AnyOldNameWillDo

    I like what Larry Elder said about this: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2013/03/28/jim_carrey_–_not_dumb__dumber_just_ignorant__117693.html

    I like Larry the Cable Guy over this one nowadays.

  • Tootie

    I won’t be seeing any Jim Carrey movies . . .ever.

    Tripp has a pretty mommy and he is so cute. I love his blue eyes and blonde hair. Say, Bristol, my son was born again at age four and a half. At that age, it is possible because a child is then able to understand wilful sin and repentance. I had been a bit pushy saying, “Sammy, don’t you want to ask Jesus into your heart?” His daddy wasn’t a Christian so he wanted to be like him. But the Holy Spirit got ahold of him and he asked the Lord in his heart out in the yard and came in and told me. He WAS changed, too. There always has to be fruit. My daughter and I would sin Chrsitian songs in the car and he would say, “Don’t sing that!” After that day in the yard, he sang with us (off key but with joy). And he told his dad what had happened to him.

    • Dawn

      omg, poor kid.

  • huntingmoose


    …. And why I –given a choice– will not watch any thing on MSNBC or it’s parent owners Microsoft and GE


    to me, this insidious low life who echoes the horrors as exist in North Korea now and other horrors under other socialist regimes like the nazi’s , the fact she is on the payroll of them tells me enough.

  • Carol moorby

    I won’t watch any more Jim Carey movies either! He just made the worst decision of his life when he took this stand! He really needsrauer

  • Kelly Hoerter

    I feel the same way that you do about that video, but he has since apologized. (I’m guessing this post was made before he apologized.) I accept that apology and respect his beliefs (though I don’t share them). And it was a nice apology, not one of those “I’m sorry you misunderstood me” ones. Fair enough, all is forgiven. : )