New Scandal: The IRS Harasses People Who Adopt

New Scandal: The IRS Harasses People Who Adopt May 29, 2013

Believe it or not, there’s another scandal with the IRS.  Did you hear that they were targeting TEA party groups?  Well, it was just discovered that they have also been harassing adoptive families:

As we get word that the IRS has harassed a number of pro-life groups, including at least one alleged demand that a pro-life group not picket Planned Parenthood, check out this statistic: In 2012, the IRS requested additional information from 90 percent of returns claiming the adoption tax credit and went on to actually audit 69 percent.

So, if you don’t adopt, you’re chance of being audited is roughly 1%.  If you adopt, it’s 69%.

Why would they target adoptive families, even though the fraud rate is 0%?

Fill in your own blanks.  Or, read one pretty good theory here.

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  • xthred

    We are governed by Satanists.

  • conservativemama

    Repeal the 16th amendment and close down the IRS. It has lost the trust of the American people and its actions are hostile to the very taxpayers that support the agency.

    A free people should not have to endure endless harassment that they are forced to pay for.

  • 1MiddleRoader

    This was news to me, but it doesn’t make sense to me that the “targeting” was
    ideological. I don’t think adoption falls into a political category. After some
    quick research, I really think there’s no scandal here. It looks like the crux of the matter is that for 2010 and 2011 only, the adoption credit was refundable (meaning that you can get a refund even if you don’t owe any tax.) (Most credits are non-refundable- once your tax liability is zero, that’s it.) David French quotes some commenters on Rod Dreher’s blog at The American Conservative. So I looked at that site, and there are some other commenters who make good points. It’s probably better to go there and read them yourself, but here’s what stood out to me: From the David French article Bristol linked to: “Of the completed adoption tax credit audits, over 55 percent ended with no change in the tax owed or refund due in fiscal year 2012.” That means somewhere
    around 45% did (probably due to complexity of forms, etc.). So 45% of the 69% adoption credit returns = 31%. That’s a fairly high percentage of returns that apparently legitimately did deserve to be audited. Also, the credit can be huge- up to $12,650, and can be claimed even if the adoption wasn’t successful, so claims like that deserve some added scrutiny.

    • ishy

      Thanks MR. You are one of the few on here who look at things objectively and actually want the truth rather than some trumped up story.

  • Young Explorer

    My guess would be: It has do with our blessings for being AMERICANS! God bless the America as one of the finest country ever we reside.

    Bristol: Though, it was a good article. Thank you for sharing this. I surely learned something new today.

  • HuntingMoose

    The auditing and verifying in itself is not the problem. The problem is that the state should not be in this business in the first place.

    It used to be that the local community , church, would help people who had a higher burden. No need for auditing sinc they interact with the receiver all the time!

    So here comes the corruptable overzealeous government who first steals the money from people who were giving earlier out of free will to help others and then distributes it to their cronies and people they do not know and very well may be fraudulent.

    Teach your children: the opposite of social is socialism.

    • ishy

      So you really think churches aren’t corrupt? You can’t be that naive.

  • David

    Congress should Repeal the Current Tax Code and Replace it with either a Flat Tax or a National Sales Tax … and Abolish the IRS … and Repeal Obamacare … and Impeach Obama … and put Holder and Lerner in Jail … and that would be a good Start on getting this Country back on the Right Track.

  • CapitalG

    Wow that is about as disgusting as it gets given their gleeful support of abortion. What kind of sicko can even think up a policy like that?

  • Jennifer

    This isn’t news – I was audited last year because of my adoption.