Love This — and Duck Dynasty

Love This — and Duck Dynasty September 16, 2013

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  • c4pfan

    Great message!

  • exodus2012

    great wisdom, common sense from Duck Dynasty ——-> ^5! Patriot

  • Kristy Patullo


  • dmac8889

    Words and wisdom to live by.

  • otlset

    Unfortunately the founding fathers had no way to foresee the destructive effects of modern big-government liberalism (a term meaning something quite different then) that are corroding the nation from within several hundred years later. I think they would be aghast at how big government is now, and instead of ‘limited’ as they intended, it is monstrous and out of control, and even attempting to control people’s lives, incrementally taking away our liberties in the process.

    • Jeff

      They would also be aghast at the invisible doors which magically slide apart when a person walks up to them.

      • otlset

        Oh I think they’d marvel and be delighted at *most* of the scientific and technological progress that’s occurred since the founding.

        But the ever-increasing chains of an ever-expanding federal government during that time — not so much. They wanted to insure that individual liberty was preserved, and protected from the possibility of a controlling, oppressive government. They sought a *limited* government.

        • Jeff

          I love how people compare a country with a few thousand people (all pretty much alike unless you count those pesky natives) to one with over 300 million…a much more DIVERSE group btw.

  • Richard Smit

    True!! you and your Family are wonderful people bristol!

  • susiepuma

    Have you read the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence or the Federalist Papers? I would suggest you do so….. information is a wonderful thing and you are sadly lacking ..must be a product of the progressive school system which teaches nothing but how to become a leech on society and especially how to hate which in the end gets you absolutely nothing….

    • Jeff

      Susie I realize you were probably homeschooled or went to a Christian academy….thus reading comprehension is not your strong suit. But I will play along. Go ahead and post where it states in the constitution or the Declaration of Independence that this country was founded on god and the bible.

      • otlset

        “…that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights,…” a fundamental tenet from Declaration of Independence.

        I did some quick research, and it seems all the founding fathers believed in God, most were orthodox Christians but there were a good number of Deists as well — those who believe in God but not associated with any formal Christian church. There were no atheists among this most august group of enlightened men. Here is just one website, chosen because it has at least some statistical info on the founder’s religions…

        • Jeff

          So my “Creator” are my parents. What does this have to do with the bible and the christian god?

      • Jeff

        Ask a conservative to prove a point and they run away everytime.

        • otlset

          Most of the founding fathers were Christian, many were Deists, NONE were stupid enough to be atheists. That was my point.

      • susiepuma

        OMG – a troll questioned my comment – no I was not homeschooled nor did I attend a ‘Christian School’ – I’m old and attended public school but it was before the unions took over so I got a really good education…… low information voters like you make me crazy and I shouldn’t respond to any of your stupid statements but I look at your avatar and you are a sock monkey……………………….. good luck – you are going to need it

        • Jeff

          Not surprised at all that you CANT answer the question. Because you are a LIAR.

  • Beebo

    They wanted freedom of religion, not just Christians getting their way and spreading lies and paranoia about things they don’t understand.