Good Riddance

Good Riddance September 17, 2013

This is great news!

The Huffington Post assessed the “dramatic toll” that recent pro-life laws have taken on abortion clinics, with Arizona leading the way:

More than 50 abortion clinics across the country have closed or stopped offering the procedure since a heavy wave of legislative attacks on providers began in 2010, according to The Huffington Post’s nationwide survey of state health departments, abortion clinics and local abortion-focused advocacy groups.

At least 54 abortion providers across 27 states have shut down or ended their abortion services in the past three years, and several more clinics are only still open because judges have temporarily blocked legislation that would make it difficult for them to continue to operate.

According to Christianity Today, “abortion centers are shutting down at an unprecedented rate. The total so far this year is 44, according to a pro-life organization that tracks clinic operations.”

Let’s keep the momentum going:  Support The Perry Center in Fargo, North Dakota and Lifehouse in Louisville, Kentucky!

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  • isabel matos

    Such good news. Life can be a trend!

    • glennisw

      so can cancer and STDs.

      • isabel matos

        Lovely conversation. Isn’t it? Get lost if you don’t love or nurture life. Very easy.. you don’t have to be here! 🙂 Life grows while hatred like yours shrinks. You shall reap the rewards of the seeds you plant.

  • Richard Smit

    Great news, and Bristol, i you and Sarah Palin are great people!! and you are 100% right about abortion!!

  • Jeff

    Planned parenthood offers many health services to women. What a shame idiots like bristol are glad about this.

  • And yet the problem of unwanted pregnancies continues. It may feel nice imposing your views on others, but let’s instead focus on the underlying problem rather than symptoms. Together, we might make an impact.

    5 Recommendations to the Pro-Life Movement

    • Richard Smit

      Go spread your liberal propaganda on another page!! not on a pro Sarah Palin page!

    • Bree Merr

      There is a difference from stating views and imposing. She states her views. Do you feel intimidated by her “stating” her views, The underlying problem is immorality and a lack of respect for every life.

      • Richard Smit

        He is only here to spread Liberal propaganda

      • I strongly support her right to state her views. The imposition part is when pro-lifers (some, not all) want to impose their view on others.

        • Richard Smit

          SHe is 100 procent right about abortion!! and there is neither anything wrong about Sarah Palins views on abortion! and Abortion shouldnt be legal or acceptable at all!

          • Richard: Let’s focus on the real issue: unwanted pregnancies. Stop those (everyone agrees that they’re bad) and your worry about abortion vanishes.

          • otlset

            “Well, the kids are going to have sex anyway no matter what we say or do, so we might as well acquiesce and just clean up the problem after they get pregnant.” — leaders of a lax and weak (liberal) society

          • Since we’ve tried “you dang kids just gotta stop having sex!” and it doesn’t work, let’s find another approach.

          • otlset

            Lockable chastity belts! Just kidding…

          • And yet the status quo isn’t a lot more practical.

            Teenagers get an adult body. That’s just the way it works. Not teaching them how it works (and how to use and misuse it) would be like giving someone a car and not worrying about driver’s ed.

            I’m trying to be constructive here. Is abortion a holocaust? Seriously? OK, great: then let’s get serious about the problem of unwanted pregnancy. Look at other countries’ statistics on abortions and teen births–it’s embarrassing how badly we do. There’s room for improvement here.

          • Richard Smit

            Bristol is also 100% right about sexual eductation!!

          • I’m not a regular here, so I don’t know what Bristol says about sex education. Is it something like “In the Netherlands, the birth rate and the abortion rate for girls 15-19 are a tiny fraction what they are in the U.S. Maybe our sex education could do with improvement”? (Sources here.)

            ‘Cause that’s what I’d say.

          • otlset

            Well I agree, our society is sure in a mess and getting worse in this respect, mostly because of a permissive, decadent culture in my view that has devolved over the past several decades to not only acquiesce to the idea of premarital sex, but in many cases now glamorizes and nearly promotes it outright.

            So yeah, let’s keep admonishing hormonal or physical prevention, at the very least.

          • ?? Teenagers have adult bodies. They’re motivated to use them. We can shake our fists at the oncoming torrent: “You kids just gotta be celibate!” Or we could realize that that message doesn’t work for everyone. And maybe we should focus on the harm.

            If you see harm in premarital sex by itself, that’s fine. I don’t. I see harm in STDs and unwanted pregnancies. If you want to preach your version of morality, that’s fine. Just don’t try to legislate your opinion onto everyone.

          • otlset

            I’m all for prevention and education like yourself, and believe abortion involves killing an individual life entity separate from the mother and therefore should be a very rare occurrence, perhaps to save the life of the mother as a last resort. I also like you see harm in STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

            Of course I would like to legislate my opinion, as anyone else would I suppose (like you), but I’m just one guy, already upset that the country already legislated Obama’s opinion that big-government socialized medicine in the guise of the “Affordable (big lie!) Care (will decline in quality and availability) Act (‘we have to pass it, before we can know what’s in it’ arrrggghhh!!!)”.

          • believe abortion involves killing an individual life entity separate from the mother

            There’s a spectrum of personhood here. A single cell is very different from a trillion-cell newborn.

            Of course I would like to legislate my opinion, as anyone else would I suppose (like you)

            Let’s not pretend that there’s any symmetry here. I want everyone to have a choice. You want everyone to be forced to do things your way.

          • otlset

            I have two questions regarding your “spectrum of personhood”. I read your explanation from the link, and I was wondering where along the spectrum it is okay to have abortions; where (what age, in weeks, etc.) the cutoff is, and how it is determined.

            Also it would seem appropriate to extend the “spectrum of personhood” into the person’s long post-natal life, since that is the person in total. Here we have the other end of the spectrum, full of infirmities and age related mental and physical issues. What about old age persons with dementia, terminal diseases, or even comatose people with indeterminate time left? At that end of the spectrum of personhood are all kinds of infirmities that require intensive round the clock care, and surely are a burden to caregivers. Of course they can’t be ‘aborted’, but they are about as capable of living on their own as an unborn person on the spectrum. Euthanasia = abortion in such cases? Just inquiring.

          • where along the spectrum it is okay to have abortions

            I have no opinion. I’ll leave that to the experts.

            how it is determined.

            Each state has an answer. That doesn’t mean that the answer was easy to agree to, but it means that (like other tough issues that politicians must resolve) an answer is possible.

            Also it would seem appropriate to extend the “spectrum of personhood” into the person’s long post-natal life, since that is the person in total

            Go for it. The difference between an old person in failing health and a newborn is trivial compared to the difference between that newborn and the single cell.

            In the extreme case where (1) the person is competent to judge and decides that another month of increasing pain isn’t worth it or (2) the person is comatose with no expectation of recovery, sure, euthanasia becomes an option.

          • otlset

            You admit the newly (and miraculously) formed zygote is on the spectrum, albeit at the lowest rung? Is not the ‘spectrum’ a timeline for a person’s life in total, from here to there, from beginning to end as it were?

          • If the new life is miraculous, you need to show that.

            Yes, the zygote is on the spectrum. The mother might think that that new zygote is fantastic or that it’s terrible, depending. (Rarely does a woman greet “You’re pregnant!” with indifference.) Our current abortion laws recognize the preeminence of the mother’s opinion … to a point. After that, society draws the line. (Obvious, yes, but I just wanted to round out my thinking on the matter.)

          • otlset

            Then abortion is killing a person at the very first part of his/her journey on the spectrum.

          • I don’t think you understand the argument. Abortion on day 1 is killing a 0.00000000001% person. Killing a newborn would be “killing a person.”

          • otlset

            But you just said even a zygote is a person, on your spectrum of chronological development. To abort it is to kill that person.

            At any rate, I speak here of life and death of a person. You speak only of a process of development in a person who is alive.

          • But you just said even a zygote is a person, on your spectrum of chronological development.

            Nope. It’s a spectrum. A person on one end; not-a-person on the other end.

            (How can it be a spectrum if it’s the same thing on both ends??)

          • otlset

            It’s a life form, a person by your own admission above, with the potential to be a productive human being if only it’s allowed to develop.

            In your spectrum, you are merely rationalizing where an admittedly arbitrary cutoff point may be made to kill the developing person.

            Here’s a scenario to take into account in deciding when it’s no longer ‘safe’ to kill the fetus. A young lady, five and a half months pregnant comes into say, a Planned Parenthood office and consults with the counselor there explaining she would rather not have the baby under any circumstances. The counselor might say “Then you’ll need to have an abortion right away, in two weeks or so or the baby may have to be brought to term according to local laws.” (‘spectrum’ cutoff point arbitrarily applied).

            Two weeks. Missed it by *that* much. In two weeks it would become a ‘person’ depending on where they are if allowed to grow. But it’s not. It is killed without giving it a chance to realize it’s designed process that leads to personhood, and perhaps a benefit to mankind.

            I guess to wrap up, I believe the zygote is separated from ‘personhood’ only by time, and I believe that by even killing the zygote, you are killing the person it will develop into according to it’s unique DNA pattern.

          • It’s a life form, a person by your own admission above

            We’re not going to make much progress if you refuse to be corrected. No, I didn’t say that a single cell is a person. That’s my point: it’s a ridiculous idea.

            If I was confusing above, my apologies (and give me the confusing phrase so I know to avoid that in the future). But now you’re clear, right?

            the potential to be a productive human being if only it’s allowed to develop.

            Yes! Now we’re on the same page. The single cell has potential. Give it 9 months and it’ll be a person. As a microscopic cell, it’s not a person.

            In your spectrum, you are merely rationalizing where an admittedly arbitrary cutoff point may be made to kill the developing person.

            Arbitrary? Like throwing darts at possible dates? No, it’s not like that.

            Imperfect? Sure, I’ll accept that. Humans are behind the decision, after all.

            And I missed the rationalization. I’m having a hard time equating a single microscopic cell with a trillion-cell newborn, and now I’m “rationalizing”? You gotta grant that my seeing an enormous difference isn’t crazy.

            she would rather not have the baby under any circumstances

            What do you know about the reasons why pregnant women/girls seek abortions? That’s the elephant in the room. If abortion were a nuisance, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Problem is, it’s not at all a nuisance. It changes the woman/girl’s life a lot.

            Two weeks. Missed it by *that* much.

            Abortion is binary. You must establish a cutoff point. Are you saying that it’s lamentable that we must establish a fixed date? OK. I’m not sure what else you’re saying.

            It is killed without giving it a chance to realize it’s designed process that leads to personhood, and perhaps a benefit to mankind.

            Imagine that it’s designed if you want, but don’t impose those religious beliefs on the rest of us, please.

            And perhaps a detriment to mankind.

            “a chance to realize”: yes, we agree that this is all about potential. It isn’t a person now, but it might be (God aborts half of all pregnancies naturally, so he apparently doesn’t much care).

            Next you’ll be saying that the twinkle in my eye that preceded my kids is protected! My wife and I only had 2 kids. Should I hang my head in shame because we didn’t have the biological limit?

          • I’ve written a post that you might find interesting: “5 Emotional Pro-Choice Arguments.” Tell me what you think.

          • otlset

            Yes, your arguments are sound as far as they go, relying as they do basically on what is known by scientists, researchers and others who rely on external observation of the fetus’s reactions to stimuli and so forth, to somehow get some indications of the fetus’s experience (reactions to stimuli, pain, etc.) from an external viewpoint that may provide some sort of cutoff time for ‘fetal viability’, or rather when it’s ‘safe’ to abort it. That can only take one so far, but not far enough in my view (although such may never be objectively known). Consider long-term coma patients, given up for recovery of consciousness by medical professionals and scientists, all of a sudden ‘waking up’ one day to the astonishment of all. It has happened before, and sometimes the patient relates that he/she was ‘awake’ parts of the time and aware of outside stimuli, conversations, visitors and so forth, but was ‘trapped’ in the comatose body and not able to move or communicate.
            Outside of external observations and surmising, no one really has any idea of the ‘awareness’ the fetus possesses, how far back it goes in it’s fetal existence, or anything else about what makes a person an internally guided (conscious awareness) autonomous biological machine in later life. But I believe killing the fetus at any stage is a mistake, and that’s because I’m a believer in that which science and observation has no capacity to measure or detect…so far anyway. Science is always progressing, learning more, and discarding former paradigms of ‘truth’ as new data and knowledge become available.

            As I said before, I’m interested in the life or death of the organism, you are interested in up to what point that organism can ‘safely’ be jettisoned and disposed of.

          • That can only take one so far, but not far enough in my view (although such may never be objectively known).

            Do you want to impose your view on others? If not, then I have no complaint.

            Consider long-term coma patients, given up for recovery of consciousness by medical professionals and scientists, all of a sudden ‘waking up’ one day to the astonishment of all.

            We do the best we can with the imperfect evidence we have. Sometimes we make mistakes. Such is reality.

            If your attitude toward a comatose loved one is to let them stay in that state for years, I object if I’m supposed to pay for this care through the insurance system, though I have no moral objections. It’s the imposition of your views on others that would be a problem.

            Outside of external observations and surmising, no one really has any idea of the ‘awareness’ the fetus possesses

            And if there were no downsides to any pregnancy, we could err on the side of the fetus and never deliberately kill a single one (and ignore that God kills half of all fetuses). But, of course, there are enormous downsides to bringing a child into the world, unwanted and unloved.

            I’m a believer in that which science and observation has no capacity to measure or detect

            There’s no evidence but you still believe? Uh, OK. Just don’t impose your beliefs on others.

            As I said before, I’m interested in the life or death of the organism

            … and, apparently, only the well-being of the organism. Let’s also think about the well-being of the woman as well.

          • Jeff

            God impregnated a 12 year old child. Get off your moral high horse.

          • otlset

            I think you’re a nut.

          • Richard Smit

            Abortion Should never be accebtable!! i dont care about unwanted pregancies!! that is peoples own fault!! go spread you liberal propaganda on a liberal page!!

          • i dont care about unwanted pregancies!! that is peoples own fault!!

            I can imagine you as the director of a hospital. You go down to the emergency room and see an accidental gunshot wound and a guy being patched up after driving drunk. “I don’t care about these people!” you say. “It’s their own fault!” And out into the street they go.

            Bad stuff happens to members of our own society. We could say, “Well, I guess you learned your lesson, dincha?” I’d rather help them be the best citizens they can be. Comprehensive sex education and abortion as a backstop may be that way.

            go spread you liberal propaganda on a liberal page!!

            The free speech thing only applies to conservatives?

            I must say that I applaud Bristol for having unmoderated comments here. That’s how I have it at my blog. (Some of the people with whom I disagree apparently don’t appreciate my frankness, and my comments just vanish.)

          • Richard Smit

            You Liberals should stay off Bristols blog, and spread your hate somewhere else!

          • David Tatelman

            Yes, you wouldn’t want to listen to anybody who disagrees with your narrow-minded viewpoint.

          • Richard Smit

            I wouldnt want to listen to anyone who hates Sarah Palin!

          • spread your hate somewhere else!

            Hate? You’re the one with all the exclamation points, dude. Take a look in the mirror.

            I actually thought that the link I gave before was pretty constructive.

          • Richard Smit

            You liberals are the ones who do always spread hate toward Sarah Palin!

          • Lisa M.

            Actually, you’re the only one here that’s using “hate” and “Sarah Palin” in the same sentence — much less the same comment. Actually, it looks like you’re the only one using the word “hate” at all… hmmm.

          • Richard Smit

            i iam only exposing the hate of liberals

          • glennisw

            How about cancer testing, contraception, and testing for STDs?

          • politicallie

            Are you being ironic? Or are you just that stupid?

        • Bree Merr

          Lets put it another way.. we do not want to support abortions.. we do not want to have our taxes or contributions sent to abortion clinics. companies and individuals who make “unpopular” decisions are being targeted.

          If all these clinics would eliminate abortions and continue with health care and education… I would be happy to contribute my support. With all this hue and cry about health care and education disappearing….. then why don’t they do that!!!

          Lets admit it folks.. abortions is a business.

          • Why don’t they do what?

          • the DQ

            And, the rest of us are sick of supporting all the by-products of the RTL crowds unwanted pregnancies.

          • abortions is a business.

            I don’t follow this either. You seem to be saying that there’s a cabal of greedy capitalists rubbing their hands and twisting their long mustaches over the money they make from abortions.

            Sorry for the broken record thing, but if there were no unwanted pregnancies, this problem would go away. Why don’t we focus there? Whatever we’re doing right now apparently isn’t successful.

          • Jeff

            Because they don’t want to anger their god by educating their children about sex and providing birth control.

          • Yeah, it’s the “have your cake and eat it to” thing that bugs me. If abortion really is the holocaust that they say it is, who cares of teens have sex like rabbits if we don’t have abortions? But no, every sin is apparently equally bad.

  • Bree Merr

    Killing innocent little lives is so repulsive. Now lets hope that the entertainment business, schools, parents etc. will establish that morality is the better choice.. When mistakes are made, taking responsibility and/or adoptions are encouraged as well.

  • radicalreporter

    guns don’t kill people. people do. abortion clinics don’t kill people. people do.

    • otlset

      We should round up the operators of such clinics and bring them to justice then.

    • Richard Smit

      Abortion kills people!

  • otlset

    Fans of casual ‘hooking up’ hardest hit.

  • Joseph Ritter

    Wow, that’s great!

  • Kristy Patullo

    That is great news, Bristol! May the trend continue.

  • AKGrizzForReal

    First and foremost, the mission of Planned Parenthood is to provide birth control, to prevent unwanted pregnancies, rather than have women and men ignorant of birth control become expecting parents not really understanding the process and then actually becoming parents with no means to support a child. 2/3 of those on welfare are single mothers.

    Pregnancy is a very preventable condition and if more women and men were to engage in the “preventive measures” prior to engaging in sexual behaviour then perhaps less children would be aborted or born “unwanted”?

    I think the phrase from the Candie’s promotion was “pause before you play”? Those are words to live by. Pause to put on a condom, pause to remember if you took your birth control pills on a regular basis. Pause before it gets more real than you are ready to handle.

    Abortion is the last thing that Planned Parenthood is about, the main mission is to stop young people from making terrible mistakes that can affect the rest of their lives. This is the same message that Bristol (and The Situation) were talking about in their commercial for Candies.

    • Richard Smit

      Bristol Palin is right about this!! and so is Sarah Palin! go spread your liberal proaganda somewhere else!

    • Richard Smit

      and she is also right about sex ecucation!!

  • glennisw

    No, it’s actually terribly wrong. Millions of low-income women are being deprived of reproductive health care. You should know better than anyone else the value of access to contraception and STD testing. How sad that you rejoice in the fact that other women’s health will be impacted. Disgusting.

    • Richard Smit

      Its good! and the Palin family are always right!

      • Dude, who are you? And why the sycophantic boot licking?

        I can understand applauding a politician’s stand on issues, but this is a lot more than that.

        • the_original_tom

          He’s just trying to get in Bristol or Sarah’s pants.

    • Richard Smit

      SHe rejoice the fact that babies cant be killed any more!

      • emme

        3.0% of Planned Parenthood resources in 2011 went to abortion referrals. STI/STD TESTING AND TREATMENT — 41.0; CONTRACEPTION — 32.0 PERCENT; CANCER SCREENING AND PREVENTION — 12.0 PERCENT; OTHER WOMEN’S HEALTH SERVICES (Pregnancy Tests and Prenatal Services) — 11.0 PERCENT OF SERVICES IN 2011; OTHER SERVICES (Family Practice for Women & Men, Adoption Referrals; Urinary Tract Infection Treatment; Other Procedures for Women & Men)— 1.0 PERCENT OF SERVICES IN 2011

      • the_original_tom

        If you think that restricting Planned Parenthood will reduce abortions, you are even dumber than you sound, cupcake.

      • To Bristol, Planned Parenthood is when SHE put it in HER mouth………

        • otlset

          Now calm down, I called the clinic and they’re on their way. Everything’s gonna be okay.

          • Jeff

            Conservatives think they are funny. Sad.

          • otlset

            Liberals have no clue that they are almost always wrong on political issues. But give them some slack and time folks, mentally they still need to grow up and mature, then they’ll gradually abandon their pop-culture, peer-approved, low-information, and usually outright erroneous views they “feel” so deeply about and become more conservative. Unless of course they rely on or work in government or show-biz or academia!

          • 1MiddleRoader

            Way to go, dissing the military, police and first responders. And unless you live off the grid in a cabin in the woods, you, too, rely on the government.

          • Richard Smit

            Sarah Palin has the right to live where ever she wants! and go spread your hate toward Sarah Palin somewhere else!!

          • otlset

            It was a offhand joke Mid. I think much of government is very necessary and desirable. In limited fashion of course.

            I think in a previous thread I explained my experience now is one of struggling to pay my quarterly small business taxes on time to the government (under threat of prosecution and property seizure if I don’t), yet I get nothing in the way of any benefits (those nice green govt checks) back. I am left to “enjoy” the government infrastructure ‘benefits’ that even those who don’t pay any taxes do.

          • 1MiddleRoader

            Gotcha. Perhaps I overreacted a bit. If you’re lucky enough to live into old age, you might be able to enjoy some of those benefits.

  • the DQ

    “Only a sociopath celebrates the fact that thousands of young women will now have a far more difficult time getting access to birth control or prenatal care.” ~ You know who

    • Richard Smit

      Bristol Is 100% right about this!! and so is Sarah Palin!

    • Richard Smit

      Only sociopath Support murder of unborn babies!

      • fredrick

        Maybe abortion wouldn’t be necessary if there were more widespread access to birth control.

    • Billy Purcell

      Why kill the child DQ?

    • Rosie

      Think about that. There are 2 VERY strong sides here. Both have negatives and positives. Don’t attack.

      • Jeff

        Why don’t you ever admonish the conservative palin fans who attack others on this site? WWJD?

  • jkarov

    Women’s health clinics do a lot more for poor women than just abortion, which is about 3% of

    what Planned Parenthood’s services are.

    Thousands of women will no longer have access to low cost services like birth control, pap tests, and cancer screening via breast exams.

    The Christian Taliban in the USA want to force even rape and incest victims to give birth, in spite of the health and emotional risks to the women .

    There are also cases (as in severe septicemia) that abortions will save the life of the mother, so she can live to have MORE children later.

    Read up on this case, and decide for yourself

    They let this woman die in the hospital after 3 days of agony and suffering, all because of religious prejudice and Irish law

    Plenty of conservatives are in favor of exceptions for life of the mother, rape, and incest.

    No one should be forced to have sex at gunpoint, or be coerced into sex when she is just a child.

    • Billy Purcell

      Why kill the child.

      • Rosie

        This is a valid point. Adoption needs to be considered. I can see a woman having a hard time giving a baby up. BUT – I cannot understand how one could make the decision to abort OVER making another couple’s life blessed via adoption.

  • Kaylakaze

    Because we need more teens being just like you: having unwanted children and then giving them to their parents to raise.

    • Rosie

      How is that just like her? Bristol WANTED her child and is happily raising him.

      • To Bristol, Planned Parenthood is when you put it in your mouth.

        • otlset

          That’s a pretty big finger there. When you stick it up your own arse frequently it can get that way.

        • Jeff


  • Lindsay

    Planned Parenthood aside, why doesn’t the Pro-life movement enthusiastically and vocally promote birth-control. To me, they appear, at best, neutral or silent on this issue. Wouldn’t preventing unwanted pregnancies be the best way to prevent abortions? I wonder how many abortions wouldn’t have happened if any women who wanted to be on “the pill” could, regardless of her age or abilities to pay for it. Sure maybe women shouldn’t be having sex until they can pay for their own birth control but, to quote Bristol, expecting teens not to have sex is “not realistic at all”. To those who don’t want their tax dollars paying for someone else’s birth control, wouldn’t you rather be paying for this than the Welfare, Food Stamps, Medicaid, ect. that comes with an unwanted pregnancy? I’m not trying to be sarcastic or argumentative. I seriously want to know.

    • Rosie

      Where have you read that they don’t? I’ve heard some prolife people make the good claim that people need to teach youth that sex is serious business. Without THAT, birth control isn’t going to fully help things. I got pregnant on BC. My mother got pregnant TWICE after a tubal. Using your brain OVER your heart is key.

      • Jeff

        The conservative christian community has made it clear that having sex before marriage is a sin. They REFUSE to educate their children and provide them birth control because of this. That is the real problem.

  • the DQ

    In honor of your despicable, ignorant post I’m going to go volunteer at my local Planned Parenthood. 🙂

    • Rosie

      Everyone has a right to his or her opinion. You have YOUR experiences and perspectives, she has hers. Why judge?

      She values life. Maybe one day something will happen and it will change her mind on PP or other things. THAT is how life works doncha know 😉

      • Jeff

        Bristol’s post is not a matter of opinion she is either misinformed or is willfully being deceitful.

  • Richard Smit

    Keep up the good work Bristol! and dont listen to the haters!

    • The Palin household should be “the Faces of Meth” billboard for family planning. ……………….

      • otlset

        Try more fiber in your diet, you’d feel more relaxed and it might loosen that grimace off your mug.

  • Exodus2011


    #BeClingers ———-> #AmericaRISING

    As the pro-life fight continues, I expect and am praying for the favor of Divine Providence to return to this Land of The Free, because of The Brave …

  • rlpincus

    Too bad. If you had gone to PP, you wouldn’t have been a pregnant teenager who had to rely on your family to survive.

    Your complete lack of irony concerning your position is mind-boggling.

  • Take a tip from Bristol Palin. (She is A Expert
    on parenting, after all.) Being a teen mom is the greatest thing and
    never leads to meth and sadness and always leads to getting to go on
    Dancing With The Stars, because that is just how shit works, today, in

    • otlset

      The new civility. Actually it’s the same civility the left has always shone.

      • Jeff

        Oh please. How is this uncivil? I’m sorry the truth hurts but you can always step outside the bubble and join the real world.

      • Girls take bristol palins advice get knockup and have babies outside of marriage and on your wedding night you can still be a born again virgin like bristol…….family values in that family?

        • otlset

          Incoherent, but anyway I think you’re mom’s calling Mr tough guy, “Come up from the basement now. Dinner’s ready!”

  • If Bristol had stopped by the local Wasilla Planned Parenthood and
    gotten some, oh, I don’t know, contraception, before she had
    sex with whatever the hell his name is again.

    • otlset

      Maybe something good can come out of Obamacare if nuts like this dude might be taken care of. But watch out if you’re young and healthy, ya still gotta pay a TAX fools! Yay Obama!

      • Jeff

        Young and healthy people without insurance go to the ER when they are sick and WE pay for their care FOOL.

        • Jeff

          And you can thank the patron saint of jelly beans for that.

        • otlset

          Well, with Obamacare you’re going to pay more, much more, along with a drastic reduction in the quality, and even amount of that ‘care’. It’s the worst job-killing, personally intrusive, quality-reducing, shortage-causing boondoggle of a socialized-medicine law we’ve ever seen.

          Dump Obamacare!!! For the country’s own good!

    • hibiscus72

      she was drunk so it was the wine cooler’s fault and Levi raped her …. or so her book says – there’s no way she headed out camping and drinking in the woods thinking she’d be having sex, right?

  • “Mine was unplanned and so should yours!”…..Love bristol

    • otlset

      Dude looks like Johnny Cash with constipation.

  • The Palin household should be “the Faces of Meth” billboard for family planning.

  • Do any people in the palin family ever have kids after they get married or is it to hard for them to wait?

  • Beebo

    I went to Planned Parenthood for a while to get birth control so I wouldn’t get pregnant right away after getting married. Planned Parenthood also did my pap-smears and other feminine checkups. They aren’t all about abortions. They don’t pressure people into having them, either. Would you rather have a dominion or a theocracy instead of a democratic republic?