In the Driver’s Seat

In the Driver’s Seat October 27, 2013

Another amazing e-mail helping us honor Down Syndrome Awareness Month!  This one is from Shari Fleming:

Here is a picture of my son, Tristan, at his prom. His beautiful friend, Rachael, got to enjoy the night with him.

Also a picture of him in the driver’s seat.  🙂

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  • Vincent Yannacci

    I know I should be commenting on both these young, incredible people. And trust me I know neither one, but think highly of them both, but…is she wearing her Chuck Taylor’s on the wrong feet?

    • politicaljules

      Her legs are crossed. The dress is long, and you cannot tell.

    • JollyTexan

      Julie is exactly right. Rachael was trying to bend without being obvious.

    • Ron

      She has her legs crossed GOOFY LOL

  • Mikka DeVelle Arrington

    I have had the privilege of meeting Tristan personally and the first picture totally captures his personality! He is a SUPER sweet, loving and laid back guy! <3 this!!!

  • Vincent Yannacci

    Now that I look closely, I can tell what’s going on. But with these zany kids today who can tell what their up too? Not like in my day when cool was really cool. You know Nike jackets that we could roll up into a pouch and wear around our waist, shell top Adidas with fat laces (that you had to shuffle in to keep on) and hair that would only get spiky with a combination of a half bottle mouse and an Aqua Net finisher.

  • $70129662

    He is a handsome, confident young man! Parents, you did a great job raising this beautiful young man!

  • Kristy Patullo

    Tristan looks very dapper in his tux. Love that he and Rachael are both wearing