Lincoln Was What?

Lincoln Was What? November 22, 2013

Check this out:

A public university in President Abraham Lincoln’s home state of Illinois is adorned with a plaque that states Lincoln – arguably the most famous and influential president in American history – was a Democrat.

Lincoln was a Republican.

The plaque, located on a historic building that’s part of Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago and installed in 1905, states: “This building is dedicated to public service honoring the memory of Abraham Lincoln   Democrat.”

When a picture of the memorial recently surfaced on social media sites, it quickly went viral, and prompted anger among many Republicans, who called the dedication not only inaccurate but also a prime example of revisionist history.

Next, they’ll be saying Obama is a Republican.

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  • indemind

    Can we say “Common Core History”

    • TrueBlue

      No, we can’t. Because it’s been there since 1905, well before Common Core.

  • 1MiddleRoader

    I agree that the plaque is misleading, I’m not sure if it should be removed; it is a part of history, I guess. Bur perhaps some clarification should be posted? I don’t know enough about the history of the word and its usage at the time, but lists “advocate of democracy” as the first (i.e., most common) definition of democrat (small d). Problem is, the plaque is in all caps. (before internet etiquette, which would consider that SCREAMING) 🙂

  • 1MiddleRoader

    Interesting also, and think it says something about our culture, that this plaque has been there for over 100 yrs, with (to my knowledge) no public outcry.

    • TrueBlue

      I wonder why no one’s had a problem with it until now?

      • 1MiddleRoader

        I’m wondering the same thing. Were we just a less confrontational society back then? Or did people just understand the word in a less political context? I don’t know.
        (Glad you’re back on the blog, tho!)

        • TrueBlue

          Sweet, thanks! Decided that maybe change could start with me, so I stayed on the blog and had two decent exchanges, one with Rufus and one with otlset. As for the word “Democrat,” I think the traditional definition has been lost to the ages. With so many folks claiming that we’re all just overly sensitive, though, it’s going to be interesting to see who gets his/her dander up over this plaque.

  • Itarion

    Can’t we just label him American? Screw this parties mess.

    • Laura Breedlove

      I wish we could ditch the parties. The mess they are making is screwing us all !

    • Michelle Erb

      Actually that is what the plaque does. It refers to “American Democracy” not party affiliation.

  • otlset

    Well, it does make for a better contrast with the evil Republican slave owners for modern consumption.

    • alvin691

      Try again.

      • otlset


        Well, it does make it easier for liberal historical revisionists to pretend/infer that current Republicans are the same (in spirit at least, if not actual descendants) as the slave owners who opposed actual Republican Lincoln back in the day. The plaque IS located in Chicago after all.

      • VL123

        Sarcasm just went right over your head.

  • JrMiss33

    The democratic party was NOT what it is today. And it’s depressing. I know parties naturally change, but it’s sad how they change for worse. BOTH of them.

  • David

    I had always thought that Lincoln was a Democrat, too … until I made a Comment about ‘that’ … and someone told me that I was wrong … I did some research … and they were right … Lincoln was a Republican.
    Sorry about that Mr. Lincoln.

  • alvin691

    One of the first Republicans.

  • Joseph Ritter

    In the words of Edith Bunker from “All In The Family”, “I didn’t know Lincoln was Jewish!” LOL

  • Phillip Burdine

    The plaque is a non issue, it is only relevant to revisionists and those who choose to ignore history.

    • Laura Breedlove

      Many only know what they see and do not search the truth out. Just think, this group can vote. No wonder things are so screwed up!

      • Michelle Erb

        You mean the super paranoid group that thinks a plaque erected over a hundred years ago was put there to deceive and could not possibly reference the fact that Lincoln was a supporter of the relatively new idea of “democracy.”

        When you hear “Don we now our gay apparel” do you think the song is about homosexual clothes, or do you recognize that words have multiple meanings and common usages change over time?

  • Linda VS

    We were taught in school that he changed parties, from Democrat to Republican at some point in time before he ran for office.

    • Michelle Erb

      He was originally a Whig. He was never aligned with what was then the party of the pro-slavery south

  • James Wenger


    • Michelle Erb

      So when you hear “Don we now our gay apparel” do you think it refers to homosexual clothing?

      In this case the plaque refers to the fact that Lincoln led a democratic form of government as opposed to the forms that were more common in the early days of this country.

  • Mommamia1

    With their tentacles everywhere here is how we are being taken over. The only thing about truth these people know is that it must be destroyed.

  • JC

    I find it hard to argue the first definition’s applicability here.

  • Kristy Patullo

    Wishful thinking on their part. And you know most Democrats will disavow Obama
    as soon as his second term is over. Worst. President. Ever.

  • Josie

    yes this may be incorrect. But something that was left out that is very important is the the platforms of the Democratic Party and the Republican switched sometime before 1936. So yes while Lincoln was a republican then, his platforms is what a democratic would be now.

  • Earalav

    The Republican party did not exist until the time of Lincoln. He was the first US President elected from the Republican Party. The party started in 1854 to keep slavery from spreading and he was elected in 1860 just six years later.

    • Michelle Erb

      Only an ignorant/uneducated person would not know that Lincoln was a member of the Republican party. Knowing that, do you really think a plaque at a college was trying to misrepresent well established facts to those who would know better? Or considering that this is Bristol’s blog could the plaque actually mean something else?

      In fact it is an old plaque and it refers to Lincoln being the leader of a democratic nation/ form of government NOT the party to which he

      But make no mistake. Back then the Republicans were the party of more liberal Northerners. The descendents of the pro-slavery pro-segregation South generally make up the current Republican party.

      • Earalav

        I was born and raised in the north to a working class republican family. I now live in the south, and have so for almost 16 years. I know a great deal of “southern” republicans and NOT ONE of them is pro-slavery or pro-segregation. I think you have been misinformed.

        • Michelle Erb

          Look up the word “descendents.” Certainly they have long evolved past slavery. The old democrats of the racist south jumped to the republican party after civil rights passed. At the same time liberals who were in favor of civil rights and progress switched to the democratic party.

          The point is that if Lincoln were around today the party he would find commonality with is the Democrats and the “State right’s” southerners of that time would more closely identify with what is now the Republican party.

          Please let me know when you see Northern Democrats waiving confederate flags in front of the white house.

          I am not saying that there are not liberals in the south or Republicans in the North. Just saying the party demographics changed after civil rights.

          • Earalav

            I disagree with you. The Republican party was the party behind the civil rights movement, not the Democratic party. Look at the real voting records, not just at what revisionist history now teaches. Current democrats claim to be the party of the civil rights movement, but that is not what actually happened. Lincoln would not find any commonality with the current Democratic party, but I am sure that, as you put it, “State right’s” southerners of that time would more closely identify with the propaganda that the Democratic machine uses to describe the Republican Party.

            It is well known that Abraham Lincoln does not have any living descendants, but he does have living cousins. As one of them I have done a great deal of research about him over the years. That is all I will say, since I will never convince you or anyone else with online comment posts. Have a blessed evening.

          • Michelle Erb

            Again all I am saying is that the States that were part of Lincoln’s party now vote overwhelmingly Democratic, and the states that formed the Democratic Confederacy now vote overwhelmingly Republican. In fact every single one of the former confederate states is Red while the Northeastern union states are Blue.

            The Southern (now) red states are the ones that imposed Segregation and Jim Crow and fought imposed segregation with dogs, guns, lynchings and bombs . There were southern cities that actually shut down the public schools and funded private schools for every single white child so that they would not have to “mix.”

            It is Red states that even today talk about seceding from our country and fly confederate flags in front of their state buildings. It is republicans like Sarah Palin who openly read poems about how much they hate our country and openly support people like Cliven Bundy who refuses to even accept that there is a federal government and a federal Constitution.