The Four Letter, C Word

The Four Letter, C Word November 23, 2013

Remember when everyone thought Cher had already passed away?

Apparently, she’s still around, because she been sitting around tweeting about my mom, someone who’s not even remotely connected to Cher’s life or music.

On her Twitter account, Cher has two mixed messages. On one hand, she proclaims “There’s only love and fear.”

But on the other, she called my mom a “a dumb C word.”

Is that tweet supposed to be in the “love” category?

Imagine if someone called Chaz a “dumb C word.” (Who I got along with so well through Dancing with the Stars, by the way.)  She would, of course, accuse them of “bullying.”

What is with this double standard in Hollywood?

I’ve written about this before.   People like Cher are the bullies:

“… I see a lot of hate and a lot of bullying, but you know what I didn’t see much of?  Arguments.  Here’s a news flash, guys.  Your hate and bullying don’t work.  People see through it, and they don’t like to be pushed around.  You think it’s completely obvious that you’re right, but… we think for ourselves.  And we’ll keep thinking for ourselves no matter what you call us.  So keep sending the hate, but realize that hate doesn’t win arguments.”

I have no idea why Cher tweeted out such hate to my mom.  Maybe it’s because Mom’s out promoting her book, and Cher hates her message about Christmas and religious freedom.  Maybe it’s because Cher just had a bad day.

But here’s the thing.  Cher, who pretends to be a feminist, chose to “empower women” by calling the first female GOP Vice Presidential candidate “dumb” and “the C word” because she disagrees with Mom’s positions.

In her restraint, she didn’t spell out “the four letter C word.”  But in her stupidity, the really offensive “four letter C word” is not the one she intended.

Grow up, C-h-e-r.

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