Truth! January 13, 2014

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  • Ghin

    Ugh. Really????

    • BermudaBob

      Yes, really! Or as my 105lb daughter did, have an 85lb pitbull at her side. Even 6’5″ 300lb men stood at attention and did not approach my daughter w/o permission.

      • Ghin

        About time we stopped focusing on teaching girls to protect themselves against men and instead start focusing on teaching boys to not abuse women. Really.

        • BermudaBob

          That’s naive. Do both. Do not force women to rely on men not to abuse them.

          • Fghf

            Way to not acknowledge ( not!) where our focus should be Bob.

            And FYI, a gun in the house does not make women safer. It makes them far more likely to be the victim of violence, including murder.

          • BermudaBob

            Acknowledge what? In this particular case, the poster at the top is talking about a restraining order being ignored. That implies a situation that is already out of control and recommends that the woman have more than the piece of paper to defend herself against anticipated violence.

            And FYI, a gun in the house that has been bought and trained on by a woman DOES make that woman safer against intruders. Google “woman shoots intruder”. The huge uptick in gun sales made to women in the last couple of years would seem to indicate that they are willing take their chances with a gun than to hope men do not behave badly.

          • Fghf

            Way to not acknowledge that our focus should be on teaching boys to not abuse women Bob.

            Oh and Bob, ” willing to take their chances” is not the same thing as the guns actually making them safer. In fact the data shows otherwise.

          • BermudaBob

            Teaching “boys” not to abuse women should already be taught to “boys”, but this article is not talking about “boys”. It is talking about “men” who have ignored the lessons taught in their youth and think they have the right to impose their will on seemingly defenseless women.

            As to your facts, please cite your sources. Pardon me if I do not take your words as fact.

          • Fghf

            Bob, we are not going a good enough job teaching boys to not abuse women if they ” forget” it when they are men.

            Here’s one study got you Bob. There are more if you care to look.

          • BermudaBob

            Forget? I said IGNORED. Most men, at least in this country, have been raised not to hit, etc. women. Yet the violence still occurs. The whole point of this thread is that domestic violence *has already occurred* and that a restraining order is all that is separating a daughter from further violence and potentially her death. In THAT case, training her to defend herself is not only smart, it may actually save her life.

            Guns do not kill people. People kill people. Do you advocate taking bats, knives, and “weapons du jour” out of homes too?

          • Fghf

            Bob, the quotations marks were not there as quoting you. Think how air quotes are used and you’ll understand.

            Clearly boys are not bring raised well enough if it still continues . And I’m not just referring to what adults say to them buy also what they teach them through their own actions , video games , music, movies, ads, TV, etc.

            Sounds like you read the link. Good.

          • BermudaBob

            I glanced at your link and looked at a few others. Pretty dated material on your link. But i digress. We will probably never solve this particular ill of society. Evil in people will exist until God decides he has had enough. In the meantime, prepare your daughters.

          • Fghf

            Dated? Really? You think things have changed much in the last several years? Not much. Well, except for the increased incidence if mass shootings. But I digress….
            Here’s another one you you Bob which is aimed right at this subject: risk factors for women. You should read it. Or not.

            And FYI, I don’t have daughters, only sons. And I am teaching them that violence of any kind toward girls and women is wrong. And that females are their full equals and that their partners are not their property nor objects. And my husband and I live this. If we had daughters we would teach them to reduce their risk factors: live in safe places, do not keep a gun in the house or on your person, do not choose a boyfriend or partner that shows signs of violence, especially toward women, do not tolerate violence or abuse of any kind, etc. Personally, I have never owned a gun or had one in the house and have never felt unsafe. But then again I lived most of my life thus far in Canada where guns are less prevalent and thus, so is gun violence.

            As for God, I am agnostic so I’m not going to agree with you that its ultimately up to him/her. But that ‘s okay.

          • BermudaBob

            The first link you provided was from 1996, hence the “dated” comment. You finally revealed that you are a woman who lives in Canada with only boys.

            I am a man who has lived in mostly urban and suburban areas where personal violence statistics are much higher. My daughter went to school, lived and worked in urban locations. I, too, have never had a gun in my house while the children were growing. In my childhood, there were plenty and we were trained on gun safety. I do believe in God and Jesus Christ and definitely know there is EVIL in this world. So now we know where each other is coming from.

            After all of this discussion between us, I am sure we both will still stand by our positions. Mine will never cause an unnecessary death at the hand of an intruder “for lack of the ability of self-defense”. Again, people kill people. Guns are only one of the many weapons available to accomplish that feat. Others?
            Drunk drivers, drugs, bats, fists, knives, rope…you get the idea.

            Comment further if you wish, but i have said my piece. As this is Bristol’s blog and considering the threats she could face, I am fairly sure she has been taught how to properly own, store and use guns.

          • Fghf

            Bob, read more carefully. I did not ” reveal” ( direct quote this time) that I live in Canada . I live in the US. I used to live in Canada.

      • Jerry Lee

        Welcome to Spinsterhood, Bob’s daughter!

        • BermudaBob

          You just couldn’t resist an attempt to slam my daughter because of MY comments? Typical of haters.

          After a decade long battle with a medical issue, my daughter Kirsten succumbed to the pain and suffering and died at the tender age of 29.

          May God work on that hard heart of yours.

          • Jerry Lee

            No, she didn’t, you’re lying.

          • BermudaBob

            What an idiot you must be to think someone would lie about their child’s death. For what? To make a point on a blog?

            It might be too late for God to work on your heart. Based on those unkind words, it is obvious you have seared your own conscience and may be beyond redemption.

  • Kristy Patullo