Mom Gives Vladimir Putin Vodka?

Mom Gives Vladimir Putin Vodka? April 3, 2014

Okay, so maybe it was Jimmy Fallon, but this is a great skit!

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  • Hgyu

    That flopped. Only funny thing about it is Palin fans thought she was actually playing the flute.Too funny!

    • Michelle Erb

      She does play the flute. That was her pageant talent.

      • Hgyu

        She did … Thirty years ago anyway. I play the flute too. And it’s obvious to me she’s not playing there.

        • Michelle Erb

          I guess that explains why they do not have that part in the clip here. Toooo funny!

    • Sue Lynn

      She was playing it.

      • Hgyu

        Definitively not Sue. First of all you can tell by her mouth, face, breathing and fingering. Maybe you can’t because you don’t play the flute. Secondly, and even just as ridiculous, when asked by Hannity how this sketch came to be she replied ” oh you know, just in the neighborhood, stopping by…” . Right. Like Sarah Palin regularly plays the flute 30 years after her beauty pageant days, such that her playing has improved and that she can just whip out a current hit. Sure…. Look, truth is she played the flute on Fallon’s show just like Bristol writes this blog and Sarah writes all her own Facebook posts. It’s all a charade.

    • Richard Magnuson

      You libs just can’t help yourselves to look negativity and Progressive politics into everything. What a crummy life.

  • 1MiddleRoader

    I actually did think it was funny, altho I didn’t get the “Bracket” joke. On another topic, I’m wondering how long before we get a snarky post “congratulating” Letterman on his retirement next year.

    • Hgyu

      I think it was a lame joke about her kids bizzare names.

      • 1MiddleRoader

        Oh, OK. Yeah, that was a little lame.

        • LynxNews

          Wow, you’re having a conversation with yourself and you’re both boring. Sorry… skit was a riot. If you were more open minded you might have gotten it.

          • 1MiddleRoader

            If I’m so boring, why do you bother to reply? I repeat, I thought it was funny. Just thought the Bracket/Trig joke was lame; they don’t even sound similar. Perhaps if you were more open-minded, you might see that you can generally like something without liking every single thing about it.

          • LynxNews

            I like annoying liberals. Most of you are exceedingly dull so it’s rather easy work. It basically works like this. I say pretty much anything and you’ll be offended. I do it for both charity and the good of humanity so maybe, some day, you’ll all stop killing us with your “good intentions”.

  • Kori Donahue

    Your mom is gorgeous!!! Kori xoxo

  • Tiffany Blair

    Hahaha, that was funny! I love your mom, she’s awesome.

  • Sue Lynn

    It has almost 1 million hits…Funny funny funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was fun seeing her giggle on Hannity also after he showed it to her. I love your mom.

  • Hgyu

    What’s with the tongue and jaw?

  • David

    Your Mom and Jimmy Fallon were pretty funny in that Vodka video.

  • Poindexter718

    (Sometime) Gov. Palin is a venal and incurious grifter, but that was amusing.
    Well done.

  • Kristy Patullo

    Super funny skit, Bristol! Your Moms comic timing is impeccable.