Gay Blogger Speaks Out Against Outrage Over Tony Dungy Remarks

Gay Blogger Speaks Out Against Outrage Over Tony Dungy Remarks July 26, 2014


I’ve appreciated the comments and feedback from my Tony Dungy article earlier this week.  If you missed it, Coach Dungy has gotten heavily criticized for saying he wouldn’t have drafted the first openly gay NFL player – no, not because of the player’s sexuality but because he didn’t think the player’s skills were good enough to put up with all of the media attention.

The ensuing furor directed at Coach Dungy was hysterical.  People called him all sorts of names, accused him of not appreciating the plight of black Americans (um….?), and brazenly pointed to his son’s suicide.  They said Coach Dungy had no reason to speak about…  well…  football.

Anyway, I thought what Mom said was actually spot on:

Looking at this personally, my family and I have been told certain event organizers would like us to participate in something but just can’t because of the distractions I’d invite. I totally get it and I don’t want to burden them with anything that takes focus off their mission. I don’t whine that those people “uninviting” us are sexist or anti-conservative or anti-Christian. It is what it is, and in sports a coach needs to FOCUS on the goal, not unnecessary distractions! The key to victory on the field is keeping the main thing, the main thing.

(And, by the way, I think I know my gay friends well enough to know that not one of them would take offense with Coach Dungy’s commonsense comments. In fact, from what they’ve told me, they’re as sick and tired of the intolerant, politically correct thought police as I am. The small minority of uber-sensitive intolerant gays who make a big darn deal out of anything that can be spun up as “offensive” are really giving fellow members of their community a bad rap.)

I think she’s right.  Also, I noticed this blog — by a gay who calls himself “Gay Patriot” — has the same sentiment:

Former Colts coach Tony Dungy recently did the worst thing you can do in Obama’s America: He made a commonsense statement that accurately reflected reality.

He went on:

Predictably, the left responded with hate, outrage, and f-word-laced commentary.

Tony Dungy didn’t say anything about Michael Sam’s sexuality; just that the media circus surrounding him wad disruptive and that the symbol he represented to the gay activist left would make it impossible to treat him like any other player.

And, by going absolutely nanners because Dungy didn’t say Michael Sam is the greatest athlete ever … the left is pretty much proving Dungy right.

I appreciate the comments from everyone on this topic — especially from people who are speaking out against the intolerance shown to someone who merely had the gall to answer a reporter’s question about football.

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  • IndyMason

    I don’t suppose the people criticizing Coach Dungy realize they are only proving him right. Look at how his statement has gotten blown out of proportion.

  • ” gay blogger ” , “gay friends ” ? Why is overt adultery enthusiam a badge of credibility ? How is it friendly ?

    • 1MiddleRoader

      Just FYI, gay and adultery are not the same thing.

  • JJooeey

    Tony Dungy’s remarks, the truth as he sees it, is his right to say under the Constitution and these other statements, as irreverent as they are, become the right of others to speak out against him. Determine the right or wrong of the situation for yourselves, don’t stick your head in the sand, look what’s happening around you, listen to what is being said, apply the facts and logic and truth to these things and decide who to respect for their position.

  • A blogger without some form of fornication gasconade would have no credibilty at all !

  • If we get an opinion from a blogger with a foot fetish lets not show it to the kids !

  • HelloHillbilly

    This blog “by a gay.” Wow

  • JessieJones

    I was with you until you called someone “a gay”. Wow!

  • 1MiddleRoader

    I really don’t see the big deal here. Mr. Dungy expressed his opinion, and people responded, some in a nasty way, just as “the right” (I’m being facetious here; it’s only a small minority on the right) responded in a nasty way to Michael Sam’s announcement, NFL pick, and kissing his boyfriend on TV. Dungy didn’t lose his job (and shouldn’t, IMO). I think Dungy expressed it will in his clarification: “I do not believe Michael’s sexual orientation will be a distraction to his teammates or his organization. I do, however, believe that the media attention that comes with it will be a distraction. Unfortunately we are all seeing this play out now, and I feel badly that my remarks played a role in the distraction.”
    The ringleaders of the “media circus” are from both the left and the right, and all of us, myself including (by commenting) are participants to some degree.

  • 1MiddleRoader

    Couple of thoughts on Sarah Palin’s post: Not being invited to certain events due to media distraction is not the same as being denied employment. Plus, remember how outraged (justifiably so, IMHO) some of the right were when some right-wingers (Ann Coulter, for ex) were “uninvited” from speaking engagements due to public outcry?
    Also, I find it interesting that extremist Matt Walsh, whom Bristol quoted in her original post on this issue, denies that there is a gay community, but SP seems to think there is. As to SP’s “gay friends,” how does she know they’re gay? Did she ask them? Did they tell her? If so, why? I thought it was no one’s business.
    Also, she says it’s a small minority of “intolerant gays” who are making a big deal out of this. This also is at odds with Walsh, who thinks the entire left worships at the feet of gay people and are making a super-big deal of this.
    And lastly, Bristol quotes the “gay blogger” who defended Dungy. In Matt Walsh’s world, he would condemn this blogger who went “out of his way to announce his sexual proclivities to the world.”
    I guess my point is Bristol would do better to express her own opinion and not link to the offensive Walsh, whose comments undercut her (and her mother’s) arguments.

    • James

      Just another perverted freak lover.

  • Cvb

    Hey Bristol’s blog writer, did you even read the comments your post got???? They paint the true, ugly attitude of your kind toward homosexuals . Sarah Palin’s gay friends? Right…..

  • Honoring_Honore

    Counterculture has become mainstream. Too many people are just stuck on stupid.