Free Superhero Hands for Children Missing Fingers

Free Superhero Hands for Children Missing Fingers February 26, 2015

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Kids used to make fun of him, but now he’s like a superhero.

Dawson Riverman was born missing fingers on his left hand. He struggled to do normal things like other kids, and constantly asked his parents why God made him this way.

Then someone offered to make him a prosthetic hand, for free. How could he do this? With a 3-D printer!

Now Dawson can ride a bike and hold a baseball bat. His next goal is to play goalie on his soccer team.

People started making designs for prosthetic hands for 3-D printers and put them in the public domain so lots of people can use them. Parents can adjust the design based on their child’s hand and create a custom fit! The materials to print one out only cost about $50, and often the kids can put them together just like a Lego set. Of course, they can choose their own colors too.

What a great idea!

The fact that they’re now able to make prostheses and give them to children for free is enough to bring one doctor at Johns Hopkins almost to tears.

Ethan Brown is another boy who wears a hand model called the Cyborg Beast. “It looks even cooler than the picture, ” he said. “It looks like Ironman or Spider-Man.”

He used to get teased about his missing fingers, but that’s turned around. His mom says, “Now he’s different in a cool way, and the other kids say they want a new hand, too.”

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