The Youngest Duck Dynasty Wife Speaks Out about Christians in the Life of Fame

The Youngest Duck Dynasty Wife Speaks Out about Christians in the Life of Fame February 5, 2015

Many Christians are suspicious of fame. It’s true that some people get attention and let it go to their head or change who they are. But it doesn’t have to be that way – and the Robertsons are a perfect example.

Jessica Robertson married the youngest son of the “Duck Dynasty” family, Jep. In an interview, she talked about all they’ve learned just from watching their elders – how they respond to the popularity of the show, and how they handle their marriages.

Jessica says the rise in popularity hasn’t changed the family in a bad way. Because they keep their focus on their faith and family, they keep each other grounded.

I feel like we have this huge opportunity and platform to share our faith and our love with people. That’s what I hope what everyone sees about us, the Robertsons, that we really love each other and we love our neighbor, and we love God most of all.

The more Christian shows out there, the more good influence we have, the better.

As the youngest couple in the Robertson clan, Jessica says she and Jep have learned a lot about marriage from the older couples. They got married young, so she got a lot of wisdom from Miss Kay, and they both spent a lot of time at Lisa and Alan’s house.

What about the younger generation? How do they stay grounded growing up with all the attention? Jessica says she makes sure her kids are surrounded by good Christian people to reinforce what she and her husband teach at home.

It’s important to keep the Scripture in your life and keep communication with your kids.… We’re really open and honest about things people don’t really want to talk about with their kids, and we do it in a nonchalant way. If you don’t make huge deals about things, the kids will not feel insecure or think they have to hide things in such a way that I know a lot of kids do…. When they get to that age where they’re questioning Jesus, I want them to feel like they can come to me, and we’ll talk about it.

Jessica and Jep wrote a book that comes out this summer, called The Good, the Bad, and the Grace of God.

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