Woman Traveled from UK to US to Have an Abortion at 30 Weeks

Woman Traveled from UK to US to Have an Abortion at 30 Weeks February 5, 2015

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Why should our country be the abortion destination?

A 20-year-old woman from the UK traveled all the way to New Mexico just so that she could get an abortion. Why did she have to do that? Because abortion at 30 weeks is illegal in the UK.

Emily’s pro-abortion dad came with her, while her pro-life mom stayed at home but reached out to everyone she knew to get some kind of help for her daughter. Pro-life groups in New Mexico talked with Emily and did everything they could to keep her from killing her child.

But she still went through with it.

An abortion that late in the term is a two-day process. First they give a lethal injection to the baby, and the next day, the mother has to come back and deliver the baby just like a live birth. But when the baby comes out, he or she is dead.

It’s heartbreaking! Why is this legal in New Mexico?

When Emily and her dad go back to the UK, they’ll probably be prosecuted for what they did – because it’s also illegal to go to another country to get an abortion.

There are so many things about this story that are sad and wrong. Is this what our country has become? The place you can come to kill your child when your own country won’t let you? This has to change!

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