Huntsville Civilians Stand Guard at Military Recruitment Centers

Huntsville Civilians Stand Guard at Military Recruitment Centers July 20, 2015

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I love the patriotism of two brave men in Huntsville, Alabama.  The two men are currently armed and standing guard in front a military recruitment center in Huntsville, Alabama.  They decided to stand guard after the deadly shooting of five marines in Chattanooga, at military recruitment center. 

One of the men said he is ex-military. The men say they are standing out there to do their duty and protect their military brothers. The men said they will stay there until “proper security measures” are put into place.

Two Huntsville police cruisers stopped by to see what was going on, but have since left. Several people have stopped by to drop off food and water for the men as they stand guard.

It is crazy that we trust our soldiers with the most powerful weapons in the world when they are in the field, but when they are at home in recruitment offices, we don’t allow them to have any guns?!?

It is time for this to change! The way we fight our wars is changing. Our enemies are changing. So we have to change how we fight them and defend ourselves.

Our soldiers deserve to be able to protect themselves from our enemies who are out to destroy them – both on the battlefield abroad and when they are at home in America!

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