Exactly! August 13, 2015

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Last week I did what a lot of pregnant mom’s do, I posted a “bump pic,” and per usual, the Left showed their true colors.  I quickly began trending on social media and was blasted with vile and hateful comments.  How dare I be excited about this baby!

In her article “Bristol Palin Proves the Left Wants to Control Women’s Bodies,” Federalist author Holly Scheer put it perfectly:

What thrust [Bristol] back into the spotlight was the simple decision to take “bump pic” selfies and share them on social media—to be proud and excited about this coming baby. The horror.

I’m not sure exactly what the Left expected or wanted. Perhaps they want her to hide in shame, have an abortion, or to at least have the good grace to realize that all her prior promotion of abstinence meant she is no longer allowed to screw up. Whatever they wanted, it wasn’t her to celebrate her newest child.

Usually the charge of hating on single mothers comes from the Left against the Right, when the Left are the ones decrying Bristol. Perhaps this proves that the people really invested in telling women what they can and can’t do are progressives.

She concluded her article by saying:

In the wake of the tragedy of the deaths of millions of tiny babies, let’s show the Left that we don’t want to control women’s bodies. They do. Choosing life is making a choice, and Bristol is making the right one.

Thank you, Holly!

Every time I feel my baby kick or see an ultrasound, I know I am making the right choice.  Life is a gift and I am going to celebrate this precious baby no matter how loud the Left chants their hateful empty messages!

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