Top 8 Instagram Posts Reminding You Why to “Stand for Life”

Top 8 Instagram Posts Reminding You Why to “Stand for Life” August 24, 2015


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I just started following @standforlifemovement on Instagram and now every time I scroll through my feed, I see a beautiful reminder of why I #standforlife!

I love their mission:

Many things can be argued over, and a person’s testimony and story is one that cannot. We are here to embody the grace that we are ALL so deeply in need of. Our hope is for this to be a safe place where stories of empowering passion for life are shared, where people feel inspired to be brave and courageous. Where life is championed and joy is celebrated.

From uplifting stories of adoption and parents who choose life even when doctors urged them to abort their child with a disability to moms who choose abortion but have now found redemption at the foot of the Cross, each story is the perfect picture of how valuable each life is.

Here are a few of my favorite stories:

“At 24 weeks pregnant, we found out that our son Aston had enlarged ventricles in his brain and an underdeveloped cerebellum. We were told to see a team of specialists in Cincinnati as his prognosis was quite grim. The phrases, “he won’t be able to breath on his own,” “he won’t be able eat on his own,” “he won’t make it past birth, and if he does he will have no quality of life,” were phrases I never thought I would hear about the tiny life growing inside my womb. Laying in bed with my husband, talking about our devastation of this news, the tiny life inside me began to kick and wiggle, as if to say “I’m alright, I can do this!” In that moment we chose to give our son Aston Liam LIFE! On March 13, 2015, hours before I began to push, a doctor came to warn us that the situation was “bleak,” and I would most likely give birth to a dead baby. But at 3:36am, Aston came into this world screaming and breathing! He was full of life. He needed no assistance. Aston is now 5 months old and continues to amaze not only my husband and I but his team of doctors as well! He is a thriving little man full of life and love.” – Abigail #standforlife

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“This is my only picture of my child. I’d like to think he was going to be a boy and I would have named him Beau Memphis. You see… I was 24, feeling alone and unlovable because of many broken relationships and I couldn’t bear telling my family I was pregnant, feeling like I had already put them through so much. A friend took me to Planned Parenthood on what became the worst day of my life. It’s been 7 years since that day, and I wish more than anything I didn’t have that “choice”. I wish someone would have protected me and my child from myself. I thank God for the Someone Cares ministry at Watermark Community Church where I found healing and forgiveness. I realized there is no sin bigger than the cross, including me killing my child. I wish so badly I could take back that day. I wish someone would have told me that I wasn’t alone and that we would get through this. Since then I’ve met with hundreds of women who are pregnant or have chosen abortion. I pray Beau’s life continues to help others not make the decision I have made. I pray they choose LIFE.” – Ayla #standforLIFE

A photo posted by @standforlifemovement on

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