Weeping Over Lions & Ignoring Butchered Babies: Celebrities Tweet About the Cecil-Killer

Weeping Over Lions & Ignoring Butchered Babies: Celebrities Tweet About the Cecil-Killer August 1, 2015

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Have you all heard about the famous lion that was killed by a dentist in Zimbabwe?  Well, Hollywood sure has!

You know what Hollywood seems to have not heard about?  The thousands of babies who are butchered by Planned Parenthood and then have their body parts sold to the highest bidder.

Because surely, if they had heard about that and seen the horrific videos released this week, they would be tweeting their outrage, right?  Because if the death of a lion is sad, then surely the murder of innocent, vulnerable HUMAN babies is the ultimate tragedy, right?

One would think so. But with the lies from Planned Parenthood, all of Hollywood and the media is falling in line.

Even the Obama Administration is getting involved in the absurdity!  They say they are “investigating the tragic death of #CecilTheLion,” and have vowed to find justice for Cecil the Lion.

But have they lifted a finger to investigate Planned Parenthood, an organization that receives over $500 million of federal funding every year?  Nope!  Quite the opposite.

In fact, the White House is publically claiming the Planned Parenthood videos are fake.  Their reason for calling them fake?  Planned Parenthood told them so.

Oh yes, let’s trust Planned Parenthood’s word on this because they don’t have anything to gain by lying and they have always been trustworthy in the past.

Oh wait, except for that one time Planned Parenthood told everyone that most of their services were mammograms to low-income patients so that the Komen Foundation wouldn’t stop funding them.  But how many mammograms did they actually preform?  ZERO!

It’s seriously outrageous! It would be so outrageous that it’s laughable if it didn’t involve the senseless murder of millions of babies with their hearts, lungs, and legs picked apart in a petri dish for profit.

Our nation has helped stop slavery. Our nation helped end the Holocaust. And now, with murdered babies right in front of us, our President and movie stars are more concerned about Cecil the Lion than murdered babies.

God help us.

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