#ShoutYourAbortion: Saying It Loudly Doesn’t Change That it’s Murder

#ShoutYourAbortion: Saying It Loudly Doesn’t Change That it’s Murder September 22, 2015

Have you seen that #Shoutyourabortion is currently trending on Facebook and Twitter?

Are these women joking?  You know they probably sit in bed at night pondering what their lives would’ve been like had they made the only RIGHT, clear, decision, and that’s to not MURDER the unborn baby they had inside them.

This makes my stomach turn.

Why would women be PROUD to have clearly made mistakes during intercourse and feel PROUD to end the life of a child. I AM MORTIFIED. 

We need to defund Planned Parenthood, one day abortion will be looked back on and so much shame will come from anyone who supported it. 

What happened to safe, rare, and legal?  Now it’s abortion on demand for whatever reason you want?

We can love post-abortive mothers without celebrating their abortions.  We can support these women without encouraging others to follow in their footsteps. 

I love this blog post by a mom who has a beautiful message for post-abortive mothers:

You are not being judged.  You are not being judged by me, for sure, but are you are also not being judged by the larger pro-life movement.  This movement, and this moment, is not about judging you.

It feels that way, for sure. And I’m not trying to take that away from you, but I want you to grant the benefit of the doubt here and trust that I’m genuine when I say that for the vast majority of “us”, you are not being judged.

This is what is being judged:  The practice and practitioners of abortion.  Is it rare? (No).  Is it legal (Apparently not, even with our embracing of it through our laws; even they are too stringent to be followed).  Is it safe (for whom?).  And, yes, is it moral?  (No. Value attaches to human life at its beginning.)

We cannot let abortion advocates claim the narrative that they are the ones that are really pro-women.  Asking women to share about a (hopefully) very difficult decision to terminate the life of their own child is not respectful to these mothers.  It is not empowering.  It is about pushing their agenda of doing whatever you want without any consequences above anyone and anything else.  Millions of murdered babies are left in the wake. Millions of mothers are left devastated.

And shouting the story out on social media doesn’t change the past.  It doesn’t heal the hurt of the babies who have been sacrificed or the hurt of the mothers who are struggling with the weight of their choices.

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