Dad of Son Born Without Skull Has Response for Those Who Call Him Selfish

Dad of Son Born Without Skull Has Response for Those Who Call Him Selfish October 5, 2015


Jaxon Buell was born without a skull– a rare medical condition that usually means the child will not survive long after birth.

But Jaxon is beating the odds!  He is now 13 months old and thriving.

Yet, some cowardly people have taken to social media to call the couple “selfish” for not aborting Jaxon when they learned of his medical issues.  How can anyone look into these big blue eyes and say something like that?

But Jaxon’s dad has a response to anyone who calls the parent’s selfish for choosing life for their son.

Truthfully, I will never understand how choosing to carry Jaxon and give him a chance to survive could ever be considered “selfish”. How is killing him immediately the better alternative, when no doctor could give us a reason to do so? When did choosing life become the selfish and condemned choice of this never-ending debate that we have somehow found ourselves in, simply for giving our baby a chance to live and not have to wonder “what if?” for the rest of our lives?

His conclusion left me in tears.

Everyone deserves a chance, and we are not on this earth to judge others or to go through life aimlessly and without purpose. We should all be so fortunate to make a difference, to make this world a better place than how we found it, and to seize the day. No matter who you are or what you believe in, it’s clear that Jaxon’s tiny footprints will have a lasting impression on this world, and that he has already touched and inspired more lives in one year than most of us ever will in our lifetime. For his life, I am better, I am blessed, I am grateful, and I am quite simply, one proud “Addy”. I love you, son. Well done, big guy. ‪#‎JaxonStrong

How sweet is this? I am so thankful that this family is choosing life for their son despite “less than ideal circumstances.”   (P.S. What is “ideal” now a days anyway?)

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