Prince William Accused of “Casual Sexism” – You Won’t Believe Why!

Prince William Accused of “Casual Sexism” – You Won’t Believe Why! November 10, 2015

When speaking about his children at an event this week, Prince Williams called his son George “lively” and his daughter Charlotte “lady-like.”  Gasp!  Cue the villain music now! Now, the Left is slamming Price William for his “casual sexism.”  The Independant blasted the prince for playing into archaic gender stereotypes.  Other outlets claim that this is just further proof of the sexism surrounding Princess Charlotte. The Left is now just as ridiculous as they are predictable. I’m expecting the social justice police to be invading biology classrooms around the nation next, informing teachers that teaching scientific differences between biological sexes is discriminatory and sexist. Breaking News: Males and females are different. Boys and girls are different. That’s a good thing. It means the species will survive. Being lady-like is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s a very good thing, and it doesn’t mean the same thing all the time. I’ve always been a girly-girl but I also played football. Is your mind blown? It shouldn’t be. Your so-called progressivism is the most oppressive and least open-minded thing on the internet. By all accounts, Price William is a great father.  He seems involved in his children’s lives and seems to enjoy spending time with them.  Maybe next time, if you want to target bad parents, start with parents that encourage their children to mutilate themselves. Leave Prince William alone. Read more on the Patheos Faith and Family Channel, fan me on Facebook, follow me on Instagram and follow this blog on Twitter!

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