Let’s Do Justice

Let’s Do Justice September 1, 2015

Feminism_symbolWe have a new voice joining the work of writing and moving toward justice at Patheos. Rebecca Todd Peters is now blogging over at To Do Justice. She’s a feminist Christian social ethicist who says “it is my fervent hope to think with you about what it means to live faithfully as a Progressive Christian in the world today. Seeking ‘to do justice’ is how I understand my Christian calling in the world.”

I first met Toddie three years ago when we both participated in the Faith and Reproductive Justice Leadership Institute at the Center for American Progress in Washington, D.C.  Since then, I’ve been so grateful to read her words and get to know her as a partner in the work of theology, teaching, and reproductive justice.

Here’s a sample from one of her recent posts on how and why “Misogyny is Exhausting”:

“These kinds of ideas – that women are the root of sin and evil, that women must be subservient to their husbands, that women must accept our inferior status in life – all of these ideas are rightly understood as part of a misogynist tradition in Christianity, a tradition that has contributed to larger social attitudes and behaviors in society that collectively express a fairly serious ‘hatred’ of women.

Unfortunately, these misogynist attitudes are not just a part of Christian history, they continue to function in influential ways in contemporary Christianity.”

Head on over to To Do Justice to read more about how to respond to this reality and work toward transforming the tradition, including ways that Christian feminism can teach us how to deal with our racist past.

And welcome to Patheos, Toddie!

Image via wikimedia commons.


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