Some Kids Do Wondrous and Crazy Things-Last Week In Life: May 31, 2021- June 6, 2021

Some Kids Do Wondrous and Crazy Things-Last Week In Life: May 31, 2021- June 6, 2021 June 7, 2021

Something to ponder in your heart…. God is Love… literally. So when He loves us, He gives Himself to us… think of it as deeper, more intense and more of a true union than the love of a husband and wife in marriage. His Love becomes Incarnate and He manifests Himself to us in both a real spiritual and physical way… this is the meaning and significance of the Sacraments, most especially the Most Holy Eucharist which is the very giving Himself to us in a physical, tangible way. He is infinite and we receive His infinite love by which He unites Himself to us and we literally become sharers of His very own Divine Nature.

Fr. Scott Brossart

Last Week In Life: May 31, 2021- June 6, 2021


Some kids do wondrous and crazy things.

I hope the person waiting for the novel Axiom’s End by Lindsay Ellis from the Natick public library will forgive me that I’m keeping it past the return date. It was due June 02, 2021 and today is June 05,2021. I couldn’t renew it because it was only a 14-day book loan and is on hold. I’m only on chapter 13 out of 40 and I have to the date of my Sci-Fi book club on the 9th of June to finish it. I would have started it earlier but got caught in the usual looking up info on FB, wife-spending time and feeding food to the elderly to actually dive into it right away. Now it’s late and somebody is waiting for it. Axiom's End: A Novel (Noumena, 1) (9781250256737): Ellis, Lindsay: Books

My book will return late but still not as late 8th grader Howard Simon’s return of Bob Dylan’s “Self Portrait” record Album.  Some kids make innocent mistakes. A few of the memorial songs on the album include All the Tired Horses, Wigwam and Living the Blues. The album was due sometime back in 1973 and was just recently returned 48 years later. Two years less then I’ve been alive. The album must have had a real impact on young Howard as he grew up to a musician himself and his songs sound like Bob’s except with a better singing voice. Some kids grow up to use their talents as a full functioning adult.

Self Portrait (Bob Dylan album) - Wikipedia

While Old Howard is singing songs on the Western Reserve, young 11-year-old Seenlada Supat is performing weekly piano recitals at the Thailand Khao Kheow Open Zoo dressed in an alligator costume for the lonely lemurs. With low zoo attendance due to Covid this gives the lonely animals some much needed attention and gives Seenlada a chance to practice her musical talents for a live audience while having fun at the same time. She will grow up to hopefully to entertain children as she seems to have the costume and skills for it. Some kids hone in on their talents and use it for the good of others. A musician named Paul Barton grow up to play classical music on his piano in the middle of an elephant sanctuary to a blind elephant named Lam Duan.

While some kids do wonderous things, some kids do crazy things.

Not everyone at a young age makes innocent mistakes like forgetting a library book or will go out of their way to use their talent performing a public service to lemurs. Some kids make decisions without thinking through all of the possible consequences of their actions, actions that could possibly end up in death. Some kids like this 9-year-old Utah girl and her younger 4-year-old sister. The girls got this fanciful idea of swimming with dolphins in California. And so, after waking up one night at 3:00 AM they swiped their parents’ keys and drove off in the family car on their summer adventure only to hit a semi-truck. They actually made it 10 miles before their non-fatal collision. They were wearing seatbelts. What some kids do to live their adolescent dreams.

“You have been told to follow your dreams, but what if it’s a stupid dream?  If we’d all stuck with our first dream, the world would be overrun with cowboys and princesses.”
Stephen Colbert

As dangerous and foolish as that was, it was not as bad as 17-year-old Hailey Morinico rushing to push a black mama bear off a wall before it was able to kill her dogs that were barking at mama and her cubs. She felt risking her life for her dogs was worth confronting a mother bear and her offspring. At least she was thinking of others and not herself. Some kids will risk their lives to save their dogs.

US teenage girl fights off mother bear to protect her pet dogs

As dangerous and foolish and brave as that was it was not as bad as the shootout with 2 runaway kids and the cops. A 12-year-old boy and a 14-year-old girl ran away from a group home and broke into a house. While they were ransacking the place, they found guns inside including an AK47 and a shotgun. They later used those guns to engage in a gun battle with police officers. By the grace of God, no deaths occurred in this very unfortunate lack of thinking on the part of the teens. And I thought my daughter made bad choices about her life. Some kids lack a moral foundation and need loving guidance to stir them back to a good place. These kids still have a chance to redeem their lives, because their still alive. With life comes opportunities.

Some kids can fully cooperate with evil. 21 years ago three girls led Sr. Maria Laura Mainetti on June 6, 2000 to a park in Chiavenna, Italy where they stabbed her to death in a Satanic ritual.  They had intended to stab her 18 times to form the number 666 but got in one extra stab ruining their devilish number. As the misguided girls commited the grizzly act of murder Sister Maria like St. Stephen and Our Lord himself said “Lord, Forgive Them.” On June 6, 2021 Sr. Maria was beatified by Pope Francis as a martyr for the faith. What the kids intended for evil ended up failing as God can always turn into good what Satan intends for evil.

Some kids like 8 year old Leo remain innocent and are concerned with things like NPR Having a  Lack Of Dinosaur Stories.

Some kids escape a deadly family situation and find a skill and talent such as becoming a chess champion.

Some kids almost lose their lives like the boy who hid in a trash can and almost got thrown out with the garbage.

Some kids like a 10-year-old Tennessee boy, actually lose their life after doing a heroic deed.  He died trying to save sister from a frozen pond.

Some kids like 15 year old Carlo Acutis die from cancer and years later become a saint, proving that even in death young people can make a difference.

Some kids want to remember what they did when they were young.

Mark will not let me alone. He wants me to write about him so he can know what he did when he was small. He wants to be sure I put in that Laurie stepped on his toe. He wants also to have me put in about his “ Sean & Marky” comic books that he makes. He gets the ideas and dictates his ideas to me each night so I can draw them .He calls them Our “Drawing Lessons”. But I have to do all the drawing. Louise Wilson’s Diary-June 30th, 1977


 Mon  May 31,  2021

The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

World No Tobacco Day (International)

June is the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Saints in the News, June 2021 – Catholic World Report

 Tuesday June 1, 2021

Saint Justin, Martyr

World Milk Day (International)

Wednesday June 2,  2021

[Saints Marcellinus and Peter, Martyrs]

International Whores’ Day
(Yes this is a real thing.)

One night a flasher sneaked through the grounds of Tyndale House where I work. He waited until a pretty young lady was sitting on her own at a desk facing the window and then exposed himself. He ended up humiliated. After the initial shock of seeing a face at the window, she looked at him and burst out laughing. He ran away hurriedly and she began to feel a bit sorry for him. He didn’t know that she regularly did mission work among prostitutes and often had to confront their bosses; she was used to dealing with dangerous and seedy situations.

I imagine that Jesus was equally unshockable. Unlike the rest of his respectable generation, Jesus went out of his way to meet prostitutes; they were part of the humanity he came to save.- Bible Scandals – 3. Prostitutes –

Harris And Me - Lessons - Blendspace

Thursday June 3,  2021

Saint Charles Lwanga and Companions, Martyrs

World Bicycle Day

 Friday  June 4, 2021

Tiananmen Square Protests of 1989 Memorial Day(International)

  Saturday June 5,   2021

Saint Boniface, Bishop and Martyr

World Day Against Speciesism(International)

Elvis singing Hound Dog

Sunday June 6,  2021


Saint Norbert,

D-Day Invasion Anniversary. 

Queensland Day. 

UN Russian Language Day

In 1944  the Commencement of Operation Overlord, took place. This was  the Allied invasion of Normandy during WWII. With the execution of Operation Neptune—commonly referred to as D-Day—the largest seaborne invasion in history took place. Nearly 160,000 Allied troops cross the English Channel with about 5,000 landing and assault craft, 289 escort vessels, and 277 minesweepers participating. By the end of the day, the Allies have landed on four invasion beaches and were pushing inland to take back Europe from the Nazis.

Bishop Barron’s Homily of the Week

 Last Week’s News of the World

A number of social justice and cultural issues were in the news last week.

You can read about them here in this article.

 The Topics include

COVID & Abortion

Death Penalty

Discovery of 215 Dead Children

Disobeying Your Bishop With Donations

Pride Month

Tulsa Race Riots

Youth and Gun Problems

Oppressive Government Doesn’t Want to Remember

Sex Abuse Scandals

Released and Set Free

Now here is more of

Last Week’s News of the World

US troops accidentally storm olive oil factory in Bulgaria (

The US military has issued an apology after soldiers accidentally stormed a factory in Bulgaria that produces processing machinery for olive oil during a training exercise last month.

DOWN ON THE GROUND! Drop the Olive Oil into my bag. I heard its good.


London’s New See-Through Skyscraper Pool Has Twitter Users Saying ‘Hell No!’ | HuffPost

Bozeman based performer combines clowns with landmine safety to educate children | Education |

A Bozeman-based performer and nonprofit leader with a penchant for red noses has partnered with a land mine safety group to create videos, GIFs and games to educate children on the dangers of landmines.

Naomi Shafer, a Bozeman resident and executive director of Clowns Without Borders, is part of an international team of performers and educators creating landmine safety videos in four countries.

Clowns Without Borders, a nonprofit that performs in refugee camps, conflict zones and natural disaster sites around the world, is working with the Mines Advisory Group to create online content to reach audiences after in-person events were halted due to the pandemic.

UFO report: No evidence of alien spacecraft, but can’t rule it out (

A highly anticipated government report sheds little light on the mystery, finding no evidence of extraterrestrial activity but not ruling it out either, according to two U.S. officials.

Monks of France’s first papal vineyard sell wine to help local community (

The Benedictine monks and nuns who tend to the first papal vineyard in France have launched an appeal to sell their wine to help the families of local wine growers.

Located on a hill in the Rhône Valley, the Abbeys of Le Barroux work together with the local wine-marking community to cultivate the land first established as a vineyard by Pope Clement V in 1309.

Kitui: Eagle picks snake, fight ensues, eagle drops snake, snake lands on car, bites man –

According to Musyoka, before he could do anything, the snake found its way inside the car and bit his left arm.

He immediately stopped the car and jumped out with the snake still hanging onto his arm and called for help.

Nearby residents of Kwa Mbungu market rushed to his rescue and killed the snake then gave him first aid.

However, in a shocking turn of events, the residents said the eagle emerged out of nowhere again and picked the dead snake right back up and flew away with it.


Pope Francis: Basketball is a sport that ‘lifts you up to the heavens’ (

“I would like to say one thing with basketball in mind. Yours is a sport that lifts you up to the heavens because, as a famous former player once said, it is a sport that looks upwards, towards the basket, and so it is a real challenge for all those who are used to living with their eyes always on the ground. I would also like this to be a noble task for you: to promote healthy play among children and young people, to help young people to look up, to never give up, to discover that though life is a journey made up of defeats and victories, the important thing is not to lose the desire to ‘play the game. And to help them understand that when in life you don’t ‘shoot a hoop,’ you haven’t lost forever. You can always get back on the court, you can still team up with others, and you can take another shot.”

Pope Francis: Never forget that Jesus is praying for you before the Father (

“We must always keep this in mind: Jesus prays for me. He is praying now before the Father and makes Him see the wounds He carried with Him, to show the Father the price of our salvation, it is the love that He holds for us.”

/ Screenshot from Vatican News YouTube channel.

Pope Francis releases video message on the beauty of marriage (

“Getting married and sharing one’s life is something beautiful. It is a demanding journey, at times difficult, and at times complicated, but it is worth making the effort.”

Pope Francis turns to Mary, Undoer of Knots, at end of rosary marathon for end to pandemic (

 During this month of May with many of the faithful we joined in prayer with various shrines scattered throughout the world and dedicated to you, O Mary our Holy Mother. We have asked you to intercede for us with your Son Jesus. Every day, holding in our hands the crown of the holy rosary, we have turned our eyes to you, Mother of Mercy, begging that the pandemic may end and humanity may resume its daily life with greater security.

“Tonight we gather before you, our Virgin Mother, venerated in this image as the one who unties knots. In fact, there are many knots that bind our lives and our activities. They are knots of selfishness and indifference, economic and social knots, knots of violence and war. By your obedience, you have untied the knot of disobedience of Eve’s disobedience; by your faith, you untied what Eve had tied with her unbelief. We pray to you, Holy Mother, untie the knots that oppress us materially and spiritually, so that we may joyfully bear witness to your Son and our Lord, Jesus Christ.”

Pope Francis on Corpus Christi: ‘We need to enlarge our hearts’ (

“We need to enlarge our hearts. We need to break out of the small room of our ego and enter the vast expanse of wonder and adoration.  Let us ask ourselves this when someone approaches who is hurting, who has made a mistake, who has gone astray in life: is the Church, this Church, a large room to welcome this person and lead him or her to the joy of the encounter with Christ? The Eucharist wants to nourish those who are tired and hungry along the way, let us not forget that! A Church of the pure and perfect is a room with no place for anyone; the Church with open doors, which gathers and celebrates around Christ, is instead a great hall where everyone — all, righteous and sinners — can enter.”

Jumping Spiders Hang By A Thread At Night – Why Is Unclear : NPR

Jumping spiders, which use their four pairs of big eyes to spot prey so that they can pounce, can spend a lot of the night just hanging around—literally.

The gorilla jumping spider, Evarcha arcuata, frequently hangs by a single thread at night, suspended in mid-air for hours. Researchers suspect these visually-oriented spiders may cope with darkness by switching to a strategy that lets them use vibrations as a warning signal of danger.

“Maybe they use this silk as a kind of an alarm system or as a way of getting out of reach for predators,” says Harvard University researcher Daniela Roessler, who notes that this new finding shows how science seems to know very little about the night-time resting habits of tiny critters, even common ones.

Echoes of the Gospel in ‘The Return of Superman’ – Voyage Comics & Publishing

Jesus is a model for the perfect human. God became man. He shows us the way to free us from sins. Literature is filled with heroic figures. But nearly all contain a fatal character flaw. Hubris. Greed. Anger. Lust. Or envy. While  no characters, especially comic book characters, can be matched perfectly with Jesus there is one superhero most commonly associated Christ— Superman.

The Man of Steel embodies everything you want in a hero: strength, a great origin story, and virtuous character. Some may argue Kal-El is too perfect. Unrelatable even. But I think most can agree that Superman is a symbol of hope for Metropolis and Earth.

Pondering Podcasts OF THE WEEK

‎A Jew and a Gentile Discuss: #41 | How to Share Jesus with a Jewish Friend – Awkward but Important on Apple Podcasts

 Yeah, it can be uncomfortable. Intimidating? Maybe. Awkward? Probably. But seriously, it’s super important. Like, eternity-important. So, Ezra and Carly are here to help you understand some things that will make talking about Jesus with a Jewish friend easier for you and more meaningful for your friend.

In this episode of A Jew and A Gentile Discuss, they talk about:

  • The misconception that Jews don’t need Jesus
  • Where to start when it comes to talking with a Jewish friend about Jesus
  • Sharing the Gospel in the context of the Jewish Bible
  • Words that will likely be misunderstood and terminology to use to help make the connection
  • Sharing your faith testimony – is that good, relevant or what?
  • Praying about the person and the conversation


#447 – The world’s most misunderstood literature

Book Em, Dano on your reading list

Awake, Not Woke: A Christian Response to the Cult of Progressive Ideology by Noelle Mering 

Awake, Not Woke: A Christian Response to the Cult of Progressive Ideology by [Noelle Mering]

The Ride of Her Life: The True Story of a Woman, Her Horse, and Their Last-Chance Journey Across America by Elizabeth Letts


Strangely Funny VIII  by Sarah Glenn (Author), DJ Tyrer (Author), Kay Hanifen (Author), R.C. Mulhare  (Author), Edward Lodi (Author), 5 more  Format: Kindle Edition

Strangely Funny VIII by [Sarah Glenn, DJ Tyrer, Kay Hanifen, R.C. Mulhare, Edward Lodi, Kevin A. Davis, Paul Wartenberg, Judith Field, Luke Foster, Erin Lee]

Out now and includes my “The Terror On The Gridiron”, in which H.P. Lovecraft’s Reanimator patches up a battered Miskatonic U quarterback in time for the big game against Harvard..-R.C. Mulhare

New Tunes In The Jukebox Baby

The Baseballs – Rock me Amadeus 

The Baseballs - Rock me Amadeus (Official Video) - YouTube

switchfoot – i need you (to be wrong)

switchfoot - i need you (to be wrong) (official music video) - YouTube

They Might Be Giants – I Broke My Own Rule (audio only)

Informative, Funny, Unique and Vibrant  Videos


 This Week on 

Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World

Analyzing Remote Viewing with Paul Smith (Star Gate Project)

MYS157: In the second part of his interview with former military psychic spy Paul Smith, Jimmy Akin and Dom Bettinelli talk with Paul about his biggest psychic “hit”, his reflection on the difficulty of using Remote Viewing for anomalous targets, how it compares to mediumship and channeling, and his faith perspective.


Monday, May 31

Tulsa 1921: An American Tragedy, 10 p.m., CBS
Featuring first-person storytelling by 17 survivors, descendants, historians and thought leaders, TULSA 1921: AN AMERICAN TRAGEDY will look at the worst massacre on American soil ever, which unfolded on May 31 and June 1, 1921, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. On those two days, white Tulsans attacked, killed, destroyed and pillaged their Black neighbors, leaving about 300 people dead and razing a business district in the Greenwood section of Tulsa known as Black Wall Street.- The Futon Critic

Tuesday, Jun. 1


Thursday, Jun. 3

Woman In Motion: Nichelle Nichols, Star Trek and the Remaking of NASA, Paramount+
Nichelle Nichols’ daunting task to launch a national blitz for NASA, recruiting 8,000 of the nation’s best and brightest, including the trailblazing astronauts who became the first African American, Asian and Latino men and women to fly in space.

Friday, Jun. 4

Watch: Apple Drops Trailer For Stephen King-J.J. Abrams Limited Series – Deadline

Spirit Untamed   Universal Pictures Nationwide
Lucky Prescott’s life is changed forever when she moves from her home in the city to a small frontier town and befriends a wild mustang named Spirit.-IMDB

SPIRIT UNTAMED | Official Trailer - YouTube

Vivo  Netflix Originals Nationwide
 An animated musical adventure that follows VIVO, a one-of-kind kinkajou (aka a rainforest “honey bear,” voiced by Miranda), who must find his way from Havana to Miami in order to deliver a song on behalf of his beloved owner and mentor Andres (Buena Vista Social Club’s Juan de Marcos Gonzáles).-Movie Insider
Vivo Trailer: Lin-Manuel Miranda's Netflix Musical Gets First Look - Variety
From Sony Pictures Animation, the studio that brought you Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, comes Vivo, an animated musical adventure featuring all-new original songs from Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of the Broadway smash “Hamilton,” whose flair for mashing up musical styles will give the film a wholly unique and contemporary sound. This incredible story about music and friendship will take audiences on an epic adventure to gorgeous and vibrant locations never before seen in animation.- IMDB

Movie News

Ninth Circuit Court Judge Kenneth K. Lee Calls The Last Jedi And The Rise of Skywalker “Mediocre and Schlocky” In ConAgra Ruling – Bounding Into Comics

Ninth Circuit Court Judge Kenneth K. Lee referred to the Disney Star Wars sequel trilogy films The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker as “mediocre and schlocky” in a recent ruling regarding a class action lawsuit against ConAgra Foods, Inc.

Billy Crystal’s new movie is a poignant, universal story of friendship – Catholic World Report

“Here Today”, which was co-written and directed by Billy Crystal, may be the comedian and actor’s best movie ever, next to “When Harry Met Sally”.

  Literally Their Last Week in Life 

 Francis Lee Bailey Jr. (June 10, 1933 – June 3, 2021) was an American criminal defense attorney, best known for representing and helping to acquit osteopathic physician Sam Sheppard and former football player O.J. Simpson.

For most of his career he was licensed in Florida and in Massachusetts, where he was disbarred in 2001 and 2003, respectively. Among other high-profile trials, he served as the lawyer in Sheppard’s re-trial, was the supervisory attorney over attorney Mark J. Kadish in the court martial of Captain Ernest Medina for the My Lai Massacre,[1] and was one of the “dream team” lawyers for the defense in Simpson’s murder case.

He was disbarred in Massachusetts and Florida for misconduct while defending his client Claude Louis DuBoc. In 2014, he was denied a law license by the Maine Board of Bar Examiners and the Maine Supreme Judicial Court.

F. Lee Bailey dead at 87: Lawyer for Patty Hearst, O.J. Simpson - Chicago Tribune

John Malcolm Patterson (September 27, 1921 – June 4, 2021) was an American politician who served one term as the 44th Governor of the U.S. state of Alabama from 1959 to 1963 and as his state’s attorney general from 1955 to 1959.

His turbulent tenure as governor was roiled by numerous civil rights protests and a long-running extramarital affair with Tina Sawyer, a mother-of-two who would eventually become his third wife.[1] Patterson sought and ran with the support of the Ku Klux Klan when he won the governorship of Alabama in 1958.[2][3] As governor, he was staunchly pro-segregation. He expressed remorse for his past beliefs later in life.

Patterson’s fame began in the mid-1950s, when he and his father Albert (who was later murdered in 1954) fought against mobs who controlled the town of Phenix City, Alabama. In 2003, Patterson was the presiding judge over former Chief Justice Roy Moore‘s appeal against his removal from the Alabama Supreme Court.

John Malcolm Patterson.jpg

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