The Pope Says Take The Vaccine, His Flock Says NOPE!

The Pope Says Take The Vaccine, His Flock Says NOPE! August 18, 2021

I have felt burnt out lately in terms of writing. The ideas and energy to write are like a ghost town in my brain and soul , without even any tumbleweeds rolling around to give the place atmosphere.

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I think one of the reasons is that my constant best friend insomnia likes to cuddle with me every night and keep me awake. So when ordinary everyday things hit me in my personal life, my lack of sleep makes me tired and I have less energy to take it all in and  process the information. I could also dedicate more time to formal prayer, but I get lazy. So when I lost my bag at the mall containing a couple of books, my bag of cough drops and my Magnificat, it seemed overwhelming. But thankfully St. Anthony came through  and found them for me.One of the books is for next month’s science fiction club at the local library. I just hate losing things in general. I thought I lost another DVD I got from the library, but it was under a plate. I blamed my wife because she had moved it. I did apologize.

The Space Between Worlds: Johnson, Micaiah: 9780593135051: Books

The Bible Is a Catholic Book: Jimmy Akin: 9781683571414: Books  Chaos Walking (2021) - IMDb

Sometimes the overarching dismay of bad news spilling from media outlets can be overwhelming.

For example TheDevastating Earthquake in Haiti – The New York Times (

This weekend, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti. The disaster is the second crisis to befall the Caribbean nation in just over a month — its president, Jovenel Moïse, was assassinated in July.

In the aftermath of the earthquake, the situation on the ground has been dire.

Haiti’s government is in no position to offer help. Foreign aid has not been as forthcoming as it has been in the past. And churches, a source of aid for many Haitians, lie in ruins.

And of course the situation in Afghanistan is heart wrenching. I found Steven Colbert’s take on the situation to be quite reasonable overall.

Then we get to this story in the National Catholic Register

 Pope Francis, along with six cardinals and archbishops from North, South, and Central America, worked in collaboration with the Ad Council to produce a public service announcement promoting COVID-19 vaccines.

“COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective and save lives,” the Ad Council stated in an Aug. 17 release.

In the PSA, Pope Francis is heard saying, “Getting the vaccines that are authorized by the respective authorities is an  act of love. I pray to God that each one of us can make his or her own small gesture of love, no matter  how small, love is always grand.”

The cardinals and archbishops who also make an appearance in the PSA are Archbishop José Gómez of Los Angeles; Cardinal Carlos Aguiar Retes of Mexico City; Cardinal Óscar Rodríguez Maradiaga of Tegucigalpa; Cardinal Cláudio Hummes of Sao Paolo; Cardinal Gregorio Rosa Chávez of San Salvador; and Archbishop Héctor Miguel Cabrejos Vidarte of Trujillo.

Pope Francis and Ad Council Collaborate to Promote COVID-19 Vaccines in the Americas| National Catholic Register (

A world leader taking charge and trying to lend his voice to help stop a deadly pandemic. And what is the overall Catholic response on the NCR page???

  • It is not his role to encourage vaccines. This pope is a politician.
  • His statement is a Sin..
  • I’ll trust medical science (the real stuff not the pseudo bs that’s in the news) for my health. The pope and bishops should ONLY be converted with spiritual health. Keep churches open, get rid of bad priests and bishops, censure “Catholic” politicians—Those thing are in your job description, not pushing ppl to take poison.
  • I haven’t read anything about his opinion on what’s happening in Afghanistan, enough with the vaccines!
  • Francis should focus more on being a Pope than a vaccine campaigner.
  • We need to pray for his salvation and for the flock under his care.
  • Um… im a catholic and all the catholics i know including myself will not be getting it… you can legit order religious exemption papers to not get the vax to fight for their right to choose.. so promoting that isnt a good look as a pope but then again you expected biden to actually show up to the pro life rally and speak � Trust in God guys!!
  • There is no pandemic
  • Let me fix it for you:
    Pope Francis & six cardinals & archbishops, urge Catholics to go to confession, go to mass & receive the sacraments @AdCouncil PSA. The new video will stream internationally in Latin, English, Spanish, & Portuguese, focusing on Spanish-speaking countries…

    One of the reactions to these comments was this…

Good Lord. The comments on NCR posts never fail to disappoint me. If they were representative of the Catholic faith I’d justifiably be Protestant. Or atheist.

These reactions sparked my writing juices and I came out with something to say. These are embarrassing responses  from faithful Catholics.

Cardinal hospitalized with COVID, breathing with ventilator
Cardinal Burke is close to death because he has COVID. I think he may have actually improved in his health condition. Nevertheless, he was on a ventilator. He has not been vaccinated and has spoken out very strongly against it. I have been praying for his recovery.
And yet so many Catholics saying NO to the Vaccine despite the fact that he was flirting with death.
A lot more  people who are in danger of death because of COVID, are unvaccinated. Yet the Christian Cry is NO to the Vaccine.
In Uganda, it costs a lot of money to get the Vaccine. I have had this FB friend of mine ask for donations so all his orphans can get the vaccine.
It is FREE here in America and yet NO to the Vaccine.
God has given us the miracle of a vaccine to stop the spread of this pandemic and end it but yet NO to the vaccine. I had a friend, her mother and brother all die from Covid last year.
Cleaning Up After Death JUNE 08, 2020
The Pope comes out and encourages folks to get the vaccine because it will help stop the spread and his mortality and leadership ability is called into question.
We have a chance to expand the pro-life message and let people know we care about all human life but EPIC FAIL.
We show we don’t care about human life because we will not stop the spread of the pandemic because we say NO to the Vaccine.
If you want to learn more about the ethnicity and morality of taking the vaccine here is a link to articles by my fellow Patheos writer Fr. Matthew P. Schneider LC who gives a good Catholic overview of the topic.

There are dozens of other things we should abject to first involving abortion and other objective intrinsic evils before rejecting a COVID vaccine. Most of them are far less necessary (some drugs aren’t) and often far more connected to intrinsic evil. To demonstrate how different these degrees of remoteness were, I estimated spending $6.61 on Chinese-made goods contributed as much to a future abortion (via Chinese forced abortion programs) as 1 billion people using one of the two vaccines in use in the USA.

Let’s oppose abortion but let’s not create false rigorist interpretations of Catholic moral theology. People should follow their conscience but priests like me have a duty to inform your conscience. It is licit to take the COVID vaccine as the cooperation is extremely remote. Given the other surrounding circumstances like the risk to self and others, all Catholics should take the COVID vaccine if medically recommended to do so. Comparing COVID Vaccine to Other Vaccines (

We take all kinds of medicine. I’m not sure the average person could explain what is in Tylenol but we take it and our pain and headache go away.
The vaccine has proven to help reduce the effects of COVID, but still NOPE.
We have an opportunity to stop the spread of the pandemic, show the world Christians are pro-life and believe in science and respect and believe that the Pope is the vicar of Christ.
But NO…. Instead we get comments like this…
What a deep state cabal puppet! God have Mercy on us and this man we call Pope!
It was comments like this that took me out of my writing slump and inspired this post.
I get discouraged when I read comments like that and encouraged when I read comments like this from Fr. Louis Melahn
I was one of the first in my community to get the vaccine and I am as convinced as ever about its efficacy and safety. I heartily recommend it to anyone who has not received it.
I will observe that the mRNA vaccines do not use tainted cell lines in their production.
In any event, as the CDF has clearly stated (a number of times, not just under Francis), the consumer is not required to refrain from taking a vaccine produced using a cell line derived remotely from an abortion (as is the case with the Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca vaccines).
The pharmaceutical company should seek alternatives, if possible, but the burden does not fall on the consumer.
Fr. Louis goes on to add…
I am, however, a little concerned about a certain genre of messaging that seeks to convince the hesitant (who are a diverse group, not just conservative Christians—although they all share in common a certain distrust of our pandemic-control bureaucracy) by “shaming” them into action.
I am not accusing you, Mark Wilson, of doing this intentionally, but I have already seen this in other places: “See, Cardinal Burke was a vaccine skeptic who peddled conspiracy theories.” Usually left unsaid is the implication, “He got what he deserved.”
I think that sort of discourse is rather counterproductive.
So I recommend a different tactic: giving people the facts, and allowing them to make their own decisions. Not everyone will choose correctly, but now, at least, they are unlikely to hurt people who are protected.
Very wise Balanced Opinion. And another person observed….
Cardinal Burke is close to death because he has Covid AND he’s elderly AND he’s overweight AND he didn’t get the shot.
My parish priest is in his 60’s and otherwise in reasonably good health, had Covid, and recovered in a week.
Just get the dang shot. Or don’t. It’s (quite possibly literally) your funeral.

And this comment…

So, Cardinal Burke is near death and in need of urgent prayers with a disease that supposedly threatens no one and should be ignored?-William C. Michael

One reader who is a ICU nurse posted this…
He says…
They should listen to Papa. The one’s that aren’t listening are paying for it.
(I’m an ICU nurse that works with Covid patients.
It’s an awful thing to watch people dying as they gasp for air.
This article from coworkers across the country covered the bases. We’re all worn out.
“I want people to know that our unvaccinated infected COVID-19 patients are the sickest patients we take care of. Their condition can change on a dime. We think they’re getting better, and suddenly we turn around and they’re near death or they die in seconds. What’s hard for our staff is that many of these patients have been with us for several weeks, and we get to know them. So when this happens, it hurts us even more because we’ve gotten to know them.”Health Care Workers Share Stories of Delta Variant’s Toll (

I want to end with some words from a wise Doctor with a good head on his shoulder. As a side bonus he’s also very entertaining.

Dr. Z cites this article in his video. Here is a link to it.

The vaccine effect is considerably more encouraging when it comes to the risk of severe disease and hospitalization on those 50 percent of the country — and 61 percent of adults — who have gotten the shots. According to Kaiser, the hospitalization rate for vaccinated people is, for most states, at or just below 0.01 percent — meaning one out of every 10,000 vaccinated people has been hospitalized. Over the past year, the hospitalization rate for the country as a whole is about 0.7 percent. That is an enormous difference in protection against hospitalization — about 70-fold. But Delta is likely changing things here, as well. Even in low-breakthrough Virginia, for instance, there were 17 breakthrough hospitalizations, out of 430 total — about 4 percent, implying about a 17-fold reduction. Still very impressive, but notably lower than the effect implied by pre-Delta data.-Breakthrough COVID-19 Cases May Be a Bigger Problem (

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11 responses to “The Pope Says Take The Vaccine, His Flock Says NOPE!”

  1. I love Cardinal Burke and am praying daily for his recovery. I will NOT, under any circumstances, get the Covid “vaccine”, and I am appalled and sickened that the Catholic Church would endorse it, and, even worse, try to coerce and manipulate the faithful into taking it by calling it a moral obligation and an act of charity. It’s neither. It’s an experimental, unnecessary shot (not vaccine) for a virus with a 99.6% survival rating. A virus that, like the flu, will never be eradicated because people take a shot. I am very upset that so many Catholics drank the kool aid. The comments you record above are indeed representative of the Catholic faith, or should be.

  2. I am glad to have a real comment. Even if it is a comment I disagree with and think is totally at odds with sanity. Those comments you think are at sinc with Catholic faith are very much at odds with not only Catholic faith, but with science, charity and common sense. To disrespect the Holy Father that much is very much not appropriate especially for Catholics.

  3. Literally, this vaccine is stopping death rates (allegedly, the pharmaceuticals who are in it for the money already reached that conclusion forgone) only. It is not stopping transmission.

  4. Listen to the video by ZdoggMD towards the end of the article. He explains why. And there is a link to an article that I think goes into it more.

  5. Not even a mention of the horrific VAERS stats, with thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of other adverse events in the immediate aftermath of these toxic inoculations — and the system is voluntary, passive, and thus under reports the true numbers of injuries. Many lives have been ruined by these alleged remedies for an illness with a 99+% recovery rate, especially with early treatment by therapeutics. What a tragedy to see story after story of healthy (often young) people now doomed to live with cardiac and neurological pathologies, all because of the hype from government, church, and establishment media at the beck of Big pHARMa.

  6. And no mention either of the hysterical fear-mongering that has induced the sheeple to accept totalitarian dictates from most of the world’s governments, with dehumanizing mask mandates, destruction of livelihoods for small business owners, and skyrocketing mental health crises (anxiety, depression, despair) that are disregarded in the name of “safety” and “protection” (always in the context of the body, even though the proposed remedies are more physically risky than the disease itself).

  7. I’m vaccinated.

    The side effects are reason enough to balk.

    But if you have a BMI>30, and you have diabetes, GET THE DAMN SHOT. It’s not the worst you will feel this year.

  8. It’s not a success in preventing Covid deaths if you kill off over 47,000 people within the first 72 hours of taking the shot, it’s just much cheaper for the insurance. But the of setting cardiac and neurological damage showing up in specialists offices nationwide will offset the savings until their dead too. The question isn’t is the “vaccine” ethical due to fetal lines, it’s is it passive aggressive suicide being so reckless with one’s health taking these death shots.

  9. WOW! A sensible comment from Mr. Theodore Seeber. I’m impressed and glad. Thank You sir. I like having you pop up in comments even if I disagree with you much of the time. Every once in awhile you come out with some good thoughts. Thanks.

  10. The evidence that it is not ineffective and is in fact safe is laid out in the article. I leave these comments I disagree with up because I like fair and honest comments, even when I find them wrong or daft. Also I’m happy not to have spam. I think that reason is the main one.I really hate SPAM.

  11. Honestly, I the author is trying too hard to find a controversy to get mad about. There are enough problems in the world. We shouldn’t get riled up over things that aren’t a big deal.

    I’m vaccinated. My family is vaccinated, and I encouraged them to get vaccinated. Some had concerns but I didn’t fly off the handle and scream at them.

    I don’t think it’s my business to judge people who don’t get the vaccine. I’ll criticize specific individuals who I know in person because I’m in a situation to understand why they may or may not get a vaccine. But we shouldn’t freak out if a random stranger decides not to get vaccinated. I’d prefer if they did, but people should have the right to make their own medical decisions. If you’re vaccinated, you don’t have to worry about non vaccinated people, so calm down. Sheesh.

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