US Post Office Releases Its 2016 Nativity Stamp for Christmas

US Post Office Releases Its 2016 Nativity Stamp for Christmas November 3, 2016

ChristmasStamp2016As the time for writing and mailing Christmas cards quickly approaches, the U.S. Post Office today released its 2016 Nativity stamp, featuring a stunning silhouette of the Holy Family.

I was not aware that an actual dedication ceremony takes place for this kind of event, but it was held today at St. Paul Church in Washington, D.C.

Here is the press release with more information about the event that served as an affirmation of faith for many Americans.

The U.S. Postal Service is ready for Christmas with a new Nativity Forever stamp issued today. The stamp was dedicated at Saint John’s Church in Washington, DC, and is available nationwide today.

The public is asked to share the news using the hashtag #NativityStamps.

“Today we honor one of the most symbolic images in the world. An image that for Christians from all walks of life celebrates the story of the Nativity – the birth of Jesus Christ. This beautiful stamp includes a brilliant star that stands out in both its illustration and in its meaning of Christmas,” said U.S. Postal Service Corporate Communications Vice President Janice Walker. “There are no greater traditions than those of the holidays, and the Postal Service is happy to help you celebrate and honor your traditions.”

Joining Walker in dedicating the stamps were former U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors member Louis Giuliano; St. John’s Church Rector Reverend Dr. Luis León; and Florida Avenue Baptist Church Pastor Adamio Charles Boddie. U.S. Postal Service Shipping Solutions Manager John Samuels III served as master of ceremonies.

“During my time with the Board of Governors I witnessed the launch of a stamp series that spoke deeply to my Christian faith,” said Giuliano. “The first stamp, aptly named Holy Family, was issued in 2012 and illustrated the journey of Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus into Egypt. In 2014, I was honored to stand here in Saint John’s Church to help dedicate the second stamp in the series, Christmas Magi, which illustrated the story of the Three Wise Men.”

“It is with great pleasure that I welcome the United States Postal Service back to St. John’s Church for the unveiling of the 2016 Nativity Forever stamp,” said León. “Our ceremony today celebrates the remarkable mystery of the Incarnation, the world’s most widely observed holiday. This new stamp reminds us of God’s gift of his son as our savior; his continuing gift of grace in our lives and the possibility for us to receive the power to become his children.”

Art director Greg Breeding of Charlottesville, VA, designed the stamp with original artwork by Nancy Stahl of New York City.

The stamp art features an image of the Holy Family silhouetted against a dawn sky. As the baby Jesus lies in a straw-filled manger, Mary kneels to the right and Joseph stands to the left, holding a lantern. Over the scene, a bright star shines on the trio. The color palette features simple shades of blue and white highlighted by deep shadows.

The Nativity Scene
Artists through the centuries have celebrated the Nativity in painting and sculpture. Carvings of Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus, often accompanied by an ox and a donkey, date back at least to the fourth century. St. Francis of Assisi is credited with creating the first crèche in the 13th century. In 1223 in a cave near a small village, he set up a manger as a visual way to deepen the message of his sermon on the birth of Jesus.

Today Nativity scenes remain the centerpieces of many church and family devotions during the Christmas season.

Nativity is being issued in booklets of 20 Forever stamps. Forever stamps will always be equal in value to the current First-Class Mail 1-ounce price.

(Stamp image property of US Postal Service)

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