Larry Chapp: Christianity is the Most Worldly Religion of All

Larry Chapp: Christianity is the Most Worldly Religion of All March 4, 2014
The worldly splendor of  Christianity in St. Mary’s Basilica in Kraków, Poland.

Part II of Larry Chapp’s interview with me is now available here on Ethika Politika.

A preview of what you can expect from Larry:

“Only Christianity, therefore, can provide us with an ontology of Trinitarian love that properly grounds the world precisely as ‘world’ and grounds worldly difference and distinctions in the realm of real being giving them standing. Christianity thus preaches the resurrection of the flesh, and a new heavens and a new earth–not the reduction of all things at the end into the realm of illusory shadows. Christianity is therefore the most worldly of all world religions and is the only religion that can give us a true theology of creation as such. Christ is therefore, as Balthasar puts it, the ‘concrete universal‘ that shows us that that path to the truth is not in bypassing worldly structure and the realm of ‘things,’ but in and through their mediation. As Balthasar puts it: Das Ganze im Fragment (the universal is mediated in and through the particular fragment).”

You can read Part I of the interview here.

While you’re at it: take a look at this religion and science list. And have a look at the TOP10 theology books of the last 10 years, which includes Larry’s book The God of Covenant and Creation

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