Really, Big, Big, Big News: Walesa and Patheos!

Really, Big, Big, Big News: Walesa and Patheos! August 12, 2014



Alright folks, it certainly does seem like this will be  one of the last times I publish on this site. CosmosTheInLost is slowly migrating to Patheos.

For the record: I’ve written a post about the tangled legacy of Solidarity for Ethika Politika and the role Walesa played in it. If you’ve been following my recent posts on phenomenology then you’ll sense how I am attempting to slowly build a concrete bridge between the historical social movement and the philosophical school.

For now the EP post mostly gives you the mess of the historical Solidarity business and how it drowned itself out in trickle down economics.

Speaking of trickling down. I have diapers to change.

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