A Pixellated-Camouflage Bible for the Deus Absconditus in Your Life!

A Pixellated-Camouflage Bible for the Deus Absconditus in Your Life! June 24, 2015
Deus absconditus, or, give the enemies of God the finger (Anon., The Hand of God from Sant Climent de Taüll, 1123; Source: Wikimedia Commons, PD-Old-100).

Not long after the pope condemned told those in the weapons industry they shouldn’t consider themselves Christians I saw a Byzantine Catholic post pictures of the Orthodox RSV Military New Testament w/Psalms.

They said it was their favorite Bible edition. Coincidence? One wonders.

Yet, if our God is a hidden God (deus absconditus, Pascal called Him), then what could better serve as an analogue of his presence than a camouflaged cover Bible?

As expected, the presence of this Bible edition is fragile, evanescent, according to one of the Amazon reviewers:

You thought it was a joke? Nope!
You thought it was a joke? Nope!

Really like this RSV edition and the Icons and prayers in the back. Would like to see the same thing but constructed better “for wear & tear”. (My cover is already separating on the corner.). ( Do the Gideon’s have a patent on how they make their books or not? Cause theirs hold up very well.) Also It would be a nice to see a slimline well constructed version w/Psalms & Proverbs. Still I like one. Just concerned how well this “military edition” will hold up.

One wonders whether the Russian-language edition is more solid given Russian Orthodoxy’s more robust hand in political theology of late.

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