This Attack Ad Against Donald Trump is the Most Hilarious Political Ad of this Presidential Primary Season

This Attack Ad Against Donald Trump is the Most Hilarious Political Ad of this Presidential Primary Season April 26, 2016
(Gerrit_van_Honthorst, The Merry Fiddler, 1623; Source: Wikimedia, PD-Old-100).
(Gerrit_van_Honthorst, The Merry Fiddler, 1623; Source: Wikimedia Commons, PD-Old-100).

Comedy, even when it is unintentional, is frequently revelatory.

Attack ads are a fun genre for reasons other than merely appealing to our basest natures. The video below is a case in point. It’s predicated upon the kind of logic that underpins statements such as, “If x wins, I will move to y.” Where x winning is so bad that it leaves you no alternative than voting for “alternative to x.”

Anna Wierzbicka’s What Did Jesus Mean? demonstrates this is how the warnings about the end times worked in the parables of Jesus. He was using a common Jewish idiom in issuing stern warnings about punishment in the afterlife precisely with the intention that his hearers would heed the warning an instead opt for eternal bliss in the afterlife.

The video clip below is fairly conventional as it airs out the usual (obvious) grievances against Trump and his character. It’s even convincing despite belaboring the obvious.

Sit through it and then pay attention to the ending.

That’s where you get to hear “alternative to Trump” say, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.” These words ring true, but it’s who says them that matters. They are a quote from Maya Angelou. Had the poet said them, they would’ve been true, but the words instead become funny and revelatory when uttered by a certain political candidate.

See why Donald Trump comes across as much more self-aware and less tacky than his presumptuous opponent whose polling negatives are (also) historically bad. Let me know if you got the joke.

My reaction was, “I was not expecting THAT!!!!! [followed by uncontrollable laughter]”:

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