Fr. Z Wants to Make America Afghanistan

Fr. Z Wants to Make America Afghanistan June 20, 2016

(AR15_AimpointCompM4, 09/15/‎2007, Own work, Author: Igor at work, PD)
(AR15_AimpointCompM4, 09/15/‎2007, Own work, Author: Igor at work, PD)

Mass will be followed by coffee, donuts, and AR-15 training this week.

The oddest reaction to the Orlando shooting goes to Fr. Z.

He reasons America is a dangerous place to live in because of guns, Therefore you should get a gun.

Not just any gun, mind you.

The reasoning goes like this: If the goons are carrying AR-15’s–billed in the video Fr. Zuhlsdorf shares as “America’s best weapon against terror” (unintended irony?)–then so should you.

I wish this were comedy, but it isn’t. Fr. Z writes:

My point is this: even if you don’t want to have handgun or a rifle, even if you think no one should, get the instruction anyway!

With that instruction, you will have a deeper understanding of what you are advocating but you will also have gained training in situational awareness – which the armed and especially the unarmed really need – and pointers even about avoiding and deescalating conflicts that could potentially erupt in violence.

You will be safer as a result, and so will be your loved ones when you are out and about.

So, watch the video.  Be provoked, if you choose, but also consider my suggestion. Even if you hate these things, even if you hate the people who like these things, bite the bullet (see what I did there?) and take a couple classes anyway!  Go ahead and hate away on the rifle and those who want them.  Just get the training anyway!  You won’t be wasting your time and, I’ll wager, you’ll find it interesting and helpful no matter what you choose to do about firearms.  And when your kids are old enough, have them get the training too.

It’s a sporty world out there, my friends, and it’s coming your way.

Down with this American "Culture of Death."
Down with this American “Culture of Death.”

Even though you don’t plan to make a Molotov cocktail, get the training then get the training too.

Then Fr. Z goes a little weak in the knees and says this is purely an intellectual exercise, rather than advocacy for hardcore weapons:

Let me be clear: Before some of you go ballistic – and some of you will go ballistic and make all sorts of stupid assumptions about my motives and you’ll write dopey emails or letters full of accusations – what I am pushing here first and foremost is the training!  The TRAINING.  Got it?  Must I say it again?  Even if you don’t want any gun ever… take the training anyway.

I believe the cleric doth protest too much. Why would a Christian train for something she or he doesn’t intend to use, ever?  This might be valuable training for vigilante zones Americans created in Iraq and Afghanistan. But here? Seriously?

What’s wrong with martyrdom? What is this American modernist heresy that encourages us to surrender to what John Paul II called the Culture of Death? Is the blood of potential martyrs no longer the potential seed of the Church? Has something irreparably changed in the theology of the Church and all of us missed it?

Anyway, if you really need the instruction, then here it is. Be aware this NRA video isn’t a commercial for the manufacturer, not a commercial at all. You too can become a beefy American hero if you get the training and then buy the gun. Ideally, you’d want to use it in action, because why else would you waste your time on the training?

You might want to read To What Degree is First Things Responsible for Iraq? and you might be surprised to learn Sources Close to Orlando Shooter Confirm Omar Mateen Was Gay.

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