The Distinctiveness of Each Gospel: What Do You Think?

The Distinctiveness of Each Gospel: What Do You Think? October 21, 2013

I am revisiting Eddie Adams’ Parallel Lives’ of Jesus (WJK, 2011) – a nice little introduction to the Gospels. Here is his very basic statement on the distinctiveness of each Gospel:

Matthew’s Gospel is the most Jewish of the four and the one that is most clearly oriented toward the Old Testament…

Mark’s Gospel is the most action packed of the four Gospels, with much more space given to the deeds of Jesus rather than his words…

Luke’s Gospel is the most social oriented of the four, laying special emphasis on Jesus’ concern for the poor, the disadvantaged, and those on the edges of society…

John’s Gospel is simultaneously the simplest and most profound Gospel…Its plainness and clarity make it accessible to new readers, and its depth continually challenges and stimulates those who know it well…

I think Adams does a fine enough job giving this broad brushstroke of uniqueness for each Gospel. What do you think?

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