Cruciform Scripture: Interviews with Contributors—Ben Blackwell on Galatians

Cruciform Scripture: Interviews with Contributors—Ben Blackwell on Galatians January 19, 2021

This is a blog series featuring contributors to the new book, Cruciform Scripture. Today we have Ben Blackwell. Cruciform Scripture is a book in the field of New Testament theology, the work is written in honor of the scholarship of Dr. Michael J. Gorman.

Ben Blackwell

Chapter Eight: “The Holy Spirit, Justification, and Participation in the Divine Life in Galatians”

Tell us about your connection to the honoree, Michael Gorman.

I met Mike Gorman when I was starting my PhD work on theosis in Paul. We happened to come to the topic independently, and he was gracious enough to serve as a dialogue partner during my studies. As time has gone on, I’m glad to count Mike as a friend and a continuing dialogue partner. I find his commitment to excellence in scholarship and his desire to engage the biblical text theologically and missionally refreshing.

How did you choose your topic for the book?

I’m working on a book on justification (Participating in the Righteousness of God), which tries to take the best of the major approaches to the topic–justification as acquittal, justification as covenant membership, and justification as rectification. Mike Gorman has argued a position close to mine using Gal 2:15-21. As a result, I decided to explore the subsequent chapter, Galatians 3, to demonstrate how a participationist approach modeled by Mike draws the best of these reading strategies together.

Can you share more about your essay on justification?

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Cruciform Scripture is now available at an affordable price, check out Blackwell’s essay and more

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