First Review of TELL HER STORY

First Review of TELL HER STORY December 13, 2022

Thank you to Dr. Jim West for reading Tell Her Story and writing up a very positive review—I’m honored and thankful!

You can read the whole review HERE.

Here are some things Jim says:

Many years ago I read a fantastic volume titled ‘When Women Were Priests‘.  It was a revolutionary and eye opening volume and more influential on my own approach to the issue of the place of women in the history of earliest Christianity than anything else.

I love that book.

I love this book more.  Here’s why.  When Women were Priests focused primarily on the historical evidence.  This volume focuses on the biblical material itself….

Gupta’s style is engaging and attention grabbing….I am genuinely grateful to Prof Gupta for writing this book.  And for the many women whose voices have in recent years made the persuasive case which he too makes here. This volume needs to be on the desk of every Pastor, every scholar, every student, and every Church member. Seriously.  It is, again, the best book on women in ministry since When Women were Priests, and better.

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