New Biblical Reference Series: The Preacher’s Greek Companion (Hendrickson Publishers)

New Biblical Reference Series: The Preacher’s Greek Companion (Hendrickson Publishers) January 12, 2023

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a notice that one of my profs from seminary (Sean McDonough) had published a volume in a brand new series. I immediately got my hands on it, because it sounds amazing—and it is!

The Preacher’s Greek Companion to Philippians

Hendrickson Publishers is known for great language reference resources, and they were the original US publishers for the Black’s NT Commentary series and the small NIBC volumes (now Baker). This new series walks the busy preacher through the Greek text, offering essential parsing information, and each volume author focuses in on key sections for more penetrating insight on syntax and meaning. At various points, the author will give a debrief with a “from text to sermon” section that covers the main ideas of the section, tips for illustrations, and summaries of key points made by the biblical author.

McDonough is known for his work on Revelation, but he is deft across the whole Bible and is a fantastic scholar and a good preacher as well. $50 is a little bit steep, but Hendrickson produces very high quality hardcovers and I trust a more affordable paperback will come in time. Ask your library to buy it and definitely check out McDonough’s fine work.








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