Woman Goes to Hell, Sees Michael Jackson

Woman Goes to Hell, Sees Michael Jackson June 12, 2017

Disclose.tv, a site of rather dubious credibility, calls attention to a Youtube video of a woman who says she died and spent 24 hours in hell with Jesus as her tour guide. There she saw her own relatives, Pope John Paul II and, of course, Michael Jackson.


After the death of Pope John Paul II she was told that he was now in heaven and he was resting in peace with the angels. However, she reported that she had seen him in hell and he was being tormented as he had not repented. Mora said that she had asked the Lord why he was there and the Lord said that while he used to preach to many people, he did not speak the truth and he preferred money to preaching about salvation. The Lord said that the Pope had refused to believe that hell was real and now he found out that it does.

Mora then said that the Lord had shown her a big screen that showed the life of Pope John Paul II and the Lord said that there were many idolaters in the place. She went on to say that while she was talking she saw a great deal of money and the pope had so much of it. The Lord then told her to tell humanity about what she had seen and told them that it was time for them to turn to him.

The Lord then showed Mora a tunnel and there were lots of people walking through it all with chains on their feet and hands. They were also carrying loads on their backs and the Lord told her that the people did not know him yet. Mora then noticed that some of her family members were in the line and the Lord told her to go and tell them that they were walking to hell. He said that he had chosen Mora to be the watchman, so she had, to tell the truth.

The Lord then said that many famous and very important people were coming to hell and one of them was a man that had been known around the world and that in actual fact he was a Satanist. This man was said to be Michael Jackson. The Lord said that he had made agreements with the devil so that he could have fame and fans. The Lord said that the dances that Jackson was known for were the way demons walk when they are tormenting the people in hell. Mora insisted that the Lord had shown her Michael Jackson and he was being tormented in the flames. The Lord said that people should not play his songs and sing them.

Sounds totally legit.

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