Hank Kunneman Delivers a Testable Prophecy

Hank Kunneman Delivers a Testable Prophecy January 18, 2020

Self-declared “prophet” Hank Kunneman delivered a testable prophecy on the Benny Hinn show. He said that God told him Trump would win reelection later this year and then be followed in office by Vice President Mike Pence, who will win election and reelection in 2024 and 2028. And you’re gonna love his, uh, “reasoning.”

“And then the voice of the Lord spoke,” Kunneman said. “He said, ‘They tried to impeach Moses.’ I never thought about that in all of my understanding. They tried to remove him. They didn’t like him. They complained about his leadership … They got the people to complain and become the devil’s prophets. Yet God raised up this man because he saw something in Moses that the people weren’t seeing. You know what it was? He stood up for God and he stood up for the nation.”

“God had a plan and an agenda to rescue a nation,” he added. “And when his foot came down in that vision, he said these words, he said, ‘Who is on the Lord’s side?’ … So this is very important in this time that we side with God and we side with what he is doing.”

Kunneman then related yet another vision in which he claimed that God showed him the words “payback” and “recompense,” with an emphasis on the last syllable as “Pence.”

“Why do you think God allowed a man to be raised up with the name Trump?” Kunneman asked. “The Lord said, ‘I’m standing in the midst of the man and my spirit is attached to him and I’m putting Trump and I’m calling it tr-i-umph, with I’m standing in the middle.’ Why do you think there’s the word ‘Pence’? Because there is something of God’s plan if we pray and cooperate with God prophetically.”

So if Trump doesn’t win in November, or if Pence is not elected to two terms in office, he will be proven to be a false prophet by Biblical standards. And the punishment for that? Let he who has never lied and claimed God talked to them cast the first stone.

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