February 13, 2015

Star Parker is on quite a roll lately. After claiming that any mention of bad things ever done by Christians is “verbal rape,” now she told Newsmax that Obama and secularists hate America. Oh, and that secularists have taken over the United States. Funny, I hadn’t noticed.


February 11, 2015

Okay, I thought Star Parker’s hysterically overblown reaction to President Obama’s simple statement of fact that much bloodshed and oppression had been justified by Christianity was the dumbest thing anyone would say on the matter. I really should know better by now. Alex McFarland, you’re up:


June 1, 2014

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard the name of LaShawn Barber. She’s a Christian right blogger I used to write about now and then. Think a second-rate Star Parker, who is already a third-rate screed writer. Barber has a column in World magazine pitying us poor atheists because we’re under the control of Satan.


April 24, 2014

Congress is considering funding for a National Women’s History Museum and Concerned Women for America Against Women are highly agitated because it might actually celebrate the movement that made women more equal instead of, say, anti-female women like Phyllis Schlafly.


November 29, 2012

I am always amused when conservatives wax eloquent about the wonders of federalism. They talk grandly of the states as the laboratories of democracy and the evils of federal control of whatever they’re against in the first place. But only when the outcomes match their preferences. When an issue comes up that they feel strongly about, they’re all about federal control. Marriage equality is a perfect example, as wingnut Star Parker demonstrates at the Worldnutdaily:


October 19, 2011

Hey, it’s more wingnut-on-wingnut crime, even when considering a fellow wingnut. The columnists at the Worldnutdaily disagree on whether Herman Cain should be supported, with Star Parker calling him “rocket fuel for America” while Alan Keyes thinks he doesn’t understand the Constitution at all (and he’s right, of course, but neither does Keyes). Parker first:


July 27, 2010

From Auntie Tom Star Parker, under this incredible headline from the Worldnutdaily:

Why are we discussing racism?
Star Parker offers data proving it’s no longer a concern to black Americans

And her column begins this way:

August 1, 2007

I read this column by Star Parker at the Worldnutdaily in disbelief. It’s one of those arguments that is so absurdly contrary to reality that you simply can’t believe any sentient being could say it with a straight face. The whole column is about the Fairness Doctrine and I fully agree with her that this is a ridiculous idea that deserves a proper burial, never to rear its ugly head again. But in the middle of the column she tries to explain why conservatives do well on talk radio and liberals don’t. And you’re gonna love this argument:


August 9, 2005

Or so Star Parker would have us believe. In an incredibly ridiculous column at – where else? – the Worldnutdaily, Parker actually implies that stopping gay marriage is the key to the very survival of the black community in America. I assume she’s not kidding and managed to type this nonsense with a straight face:

Blacks have polled consistently higher than national averages in opposition to the sanctioning of gay marriage. Why do we care so much and why do we feel an increasing sense of being abandoned?

Why, I sometimes hear, is a community with such clear and immediate problems with education, employment and crime so obsessed with this issue? Are there that many black gay couples wanting wedding vows that black pastors should be taking valuable time from their daily responsibilities to become political activists for a federal marriage amendment?

The germane point that these black pastors understand is that the black community is the most exposed to and most likely to be injured by the problems of the nation as a whole. When America gets a cold, the black community gets pneumonia.

White America’s problem is a loss of moral grounding and gradual erosion of its family structure. Black America’s problem is rebuilding a family structure that has already collapsed…

Black pastors know that the battle for rebuilding the black family defines the future of black America. If this battle is lost, blacks will become a permanent American underclass.

The moral relativism which increasingly defines American culture is now defining every institution of our society – our schools, our large corporations and our media. Our families are our only firewall.

The support of the black community for the federal marriage amendment reduces to one word: Survival.

Wow. I’ll take Really Stupid Arguments for $1000, Alex.

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