January 29, 2019

Ordinary Time 29 January 2018 The Edge of Elfland Concord, NH   Dearest Readers, The Catholic Church is currently going through a dark time, of this there can be no doubt. But in the midst of this darkness, I don’t want to forget the things that drew me to the Catholic Church in the first place. Over my next few letters, I’ll be writing about what drew me to the Church which hasn’t changed despite the mess we have found,… Read more

January 25, 2019

Ordinary Time 22 January 2019 The Edge of Elfland Concord, NH Dearest Readers, More and more I hear people longing for the past. Different people mean different things by “the past.” For some, it means the era of the 50’s and 60’s when everyone knew their neighbors, no-fault divorce was illegal, so was abortion, and Catholic communities were apparently thriving. Others long for a time more distant past. Some long for the more violent aspects of the Middle Ages with… Read more

January 22, 2019

Ordinary Time 22 January 2018 The Edge of Elfland Concord, NH Dearest Readers, Over the past few months I have been part of a group which existed for the express purpose of creating a public letter to the Catholic Bishops. Before the current news cycle makes us forget other problems within our Church, I want to make sure this message gets out. I did not contribute to any of the text, I won’t try to make that claim, Dr. Holly… Read more

January 19, 2019

Ordinary Time 19 January 2018 The Edge of Elfland Concord, NH Dearest Readers, Every year in my Fundamentals of the Christian Faith class, my text for discussion during our unit on Creation is St. Francis’ “Canticle of Brother Sun and Sister Moon.” I choose this text for a few reasons. First, I find that many of my college students have not been introduced to poetry, and certainly don’t think that poetry and theology can inform each other. Second, I find… Read more

January 3, 2019

Christmastide 3 January 2018 The Edge of Elfland Concord, NH Dearest Readers, There have been some mutterings lately, mutterings against enchantment in Christian circles. I’ve even seen one name more than any other being trotted out as a champion against enchantment: Augustine. Perhaps, they say, we should be reading Augustine’s Confessions on astrology. But what does Augustine say about the astrologers and what, if any, effect should this have on our understanding of reality? First, to the text itself. Augustine… Read more

December 23, 2018

Advent Time Fourth Sunday in Advent 2018 The Edge of Elfland Concord, NH Dearest Readers, I am happy to announce that I will be speaking at this year’s (OK 2019’s) Catholic Literature Conference in Concord. This year’s conference is on the theme of Lost Virtue in Literature. The other speakers are Joseph Pearce speaking on “Pride and the Lost Virtues in Literature,” Dr. Gary Bouchard who’s paper is titled “Praying Hopkins,” and Dr. Anthony Esolen on “Piety and Manhood: Lessons… Read more

December 13, 2018

  Advent St. Lucy’s Day 2018 The Edge of Elfland Concord, NH Dearest Readers, Now that it has been officially released, I would like to tell everyone about Michael Martin’s most recent book, Transfiguration: Notes Toward A Radical Catholic Reimagination of Everything. This book is Martin’s manifesto, his declaration of how we ought to see and interact with the world around us. It is not, however, a program. Martin isn’t here to tell us all the ins and outs of… Read more

December 8, 2018

Advent 8 December 2018 The Edge of Elfland Concord, NH Dearest Readers, One of my earliest memories is riding in the car somewhere in the south. A tendency for motion sickness meant I wasn’t playing my gameboy or trying to read a book. Besides, it was night time. I remember looking up out of the backseat window and what I saw above me astonished me. Stars. The night sky above me was a blue-black field filled with stars. They danced… Read more

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