December 22, 2017

When Ivanka Trump visited a Connecticut high school this week to promote the very thing so many female leaders are pushing for — STEM — you’d think the applause would have been heard loudly around the female empowerment world. Read more

December 20, 2017

The issue of abortion perverts the entirety of the election process on both sides of the aisle Read more

December 19, 2017

In a day and age when there are countries “eliminating” people with Down Syndrome through abortion, it was incredible to see CNN honor a woman who has dedicated her life & business to supporting those who were born with the condition. Read more

December 13, 2017

Everyone is always asking — what should I read next? I’ve got a few suggestions for you! Read more

December 13, 2017

Alabama has a chance to start again with a conservative candidate they can be proud of. So does America. Read more

December 8, 2017

With evangelical voting supporter for accused child molester Roy Moore running high, I can’t hep but reflect on the crisis of faith in the face of fear that continues. Read more

December 7, 2017

Roy Moore may believe homosexuality should be illegal and that 9/11 happened because America has “distanced itself from God.” Read more

December 6, 2017

Even more shocking information is out about Harvey Weinstein, including is uncomfortably close relationship with Hillary Clinton that lasted until very recently. Read more

November 29, 2017

Matt Lauer has just been fired from NBC News following sexual harassment allegations. What does this cultural phenomenon mean for society? Read more

November 29, 2017

Kimberly Corban experience everyone woman’s worst nightmare — a brutal rape. But instead of becoming a victim, she is a survivor working to empower women! Read more

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