What Does Last Night Mean?

What Does Last Night Mean? November 7, 2012

At a loss for how to talk about President Obama’s re-election?  Here are some talking points put together by Message Matters on the statement our country made last night.  When our FD writers shared about why they were voting for President Obama, these were many of the same reasons they gave.  Share your thoughts in the comments below.  What do you think the country was saying with last night’s election results?  


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Tonight is a victory.

It’s a victory for families living paycheck to paycheck and all Americans working hard to build a better life for themselves.

It’s a victory for voters who faced a clear choice between two very different visions for America.

The American people have chosen.

  • An America with an economy getting back on track and leaders committed to putting Americans back to work.
  • An America where we turn to each other in tough times instead of turning against each other.
  • An America where the middle class is the true engine of economic prosperity for all.
  • An America where everyone pays their fair share and gets a fair shot.
  • An America that works for everyone, not just the wealthy few.
  • An America where we respect all Americans — regardless of where they were born, the color of their skin, or who they love.
  • An America where women make their own health care decisions and policy is based on sound medical science, not extreme ideology.
  • An America where American ingenuity is the envy of the world, and investments in education, infrastructure, and new industries are the future we build together.

The American people also spoke up and said no.

  • To a return to the failed top-down economic policies that wrecked our economy and threw millions of Americans out of work.
  • To an America where a person’s wealth matters more than integrity, powerful connections more than family, and size of campaign donations more than love for country.
  • To an “I’ve got mine and the rest of you are on your own” agenda to keep the richest few from paying a dollar more in taxes — shifting more of the burden to working families.
  • To an agenda that cuts Social Security, turns Medicare into a voucher, and cuts programs that lift struggling families out of poverty.
  • To a political party so overrun with extreme ideology towards women that it even downplays rape and makes attacking Americans not like themselves a central part of its platform.
  • To divisive, bitter political brinkmanship, where Republicans in Congress recklessly risk the economy just to score cheap political points and make pledges to Washington lobbyists no matter the cost to all.
  • To an approach that keeps the game rigged for the privileged few, where the wealthy and Wall Street write their own rules while the rest of us pay the price.
  • To a return to endless war in Iraq and Afghanistan and the start of new wars without regard to national security.

It’s time for us to move forward, as one nation, all in this together.

  • More than ever, Americans demand a government of, by, and for the people. We know where to begin.
  • Our leaders must commit to a sensible approach to the deficit, one that prioritizes creating jobs — the best way to fix the deficit.
  • This fiscally responsible approach means starting by asking the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share in taxes, eliminating tax loopholes that reward corporations for offshoring jobs, and cutting waste like outdated Pentagon pork our military leaders don’t want.
  • Our leaders must resist efforts by politicians and powerful special interests to cut Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security benefits in order to cover for Bush Republicans’ fiscal recklessness, appease extreme ideologues, or pay for more trickle down tax breaks for the wealthy.
  • Republicans must wake up to the reality that policies attacking women, as well as those Americans not like themselves, contradict the values and principles that make America great.
  • These are serious times, but America has always withstood them and rose above the challenges facing us when we understand that “we’re all in this together.”
  • We’ve got much more left to do in the next four years.

Let’s go.

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  • ToronadoBlue

    To an America screaming into debt.
    To an America where too few jobs are created.
    To an America where food prices are increasing.
    To an America with a hostile business climate.
    To an America with attacks on free speech.
    To an America with attacks on religious freedom.
    To an America with increased taxes on the middle class.
    To an America with declining incomes.
    To an America with increasing food stamp use.
    To an America with higher gas prices.
    To an America with pensions going broke.
    To an America with towns going broke.
    To an America with states going broke.
    To an America with a sluggish economy.
    To an America of Jeremiah Wright.
    To an America where Big Bird is bigger news than Benghazi.

    To an America where our unborn sons and daughters will continue to be murdered.

    God have mercy on us.

    • savoy6

      wow…..scared,old and white…..the fading demographic….

  • ToronadoBlue

    The country is going through a rough period and all you can focus on is my age and race?

    You must be a Democrat!?

    Secondly, with God on my side I’m not scared but do worry about a country that appears to be leaving God.

    Finally, I’m actually in a growing Demographic.
    I’m an overpaid – underworked contractor for the government. The government pays $250/hr to my company for me to sit on my butt at home in my PJs to do a little work every now and then. I actually only work 8-10 hours a week. I earn well over 6 figures and I have excellent benefits. This demographic is highly Democratic which explains Virginia being won by Obama. The wealth we get as government workers explains why the Virginia and Maryland suburbs of DC are some of the richest counties in the nation.

    This is paid by your tax dollars. (well maybe not yours but somebody’s)

  • Sus

    In my household, last night meant my kids learned about the electoral college. They learned how important it is to vote. How it isn’t acceptable to be a sore loser or smug winner. We talked about why it was important to support whoever our President is. Supporting someone doesn’t mean you can’t speak out, but you must be responsible for your words.

    Many of the points in the blog post cover what we talked about here. Most of all:
    “These are serious times, but America has always withstood them and rose above the challenges facing us when we understand that “we’re all in this together.”

    Although I’m glad the election is over, I’m happy we have the teaching moments available.

    • ToronadoBlue

      This was a good comment and I appreciate it. We need to pray for our leadership, even if we disagree with them. And, pray for those on the ‘other’ side.

  • yeldan

    I will say this:

    A human satan said:
    “We want to experience all the pleasures and joys of life, and to make others experience them; don’t interfere with us!”

    I replied: Since you do not recall death and plunge yourself into vice and misguidance for pleasure and enjoyment, you should certainly know that due to your misguidance, all the past is dead and non-existent; it is a desolate graveyard full of rotted bodies. The suffering arising from those innumerable separations and the eternal deaths of those numberless friends inflicted on your head through the concern of your humanity and your misguidance, and on your heart if you have one and it is not dead, will soon destroy your insignificant drunken pleasure of the present. The future too,due to your unbelief, is a non-existent, black, dead, and desolate wasteland. And since the heads of the unfortunates who appear from there, sticking them out into existence while stopping by in the present, are struck off by the executioner’s sword of the appointed hour and thrown into nonexistence, due to the concern of your intellect, it continuously rains down grievous worries on your unbelieving head, completely overturning your petty, dissolute pleasure.
    If you give up vice and misguidance and enter the sphere of certain, verified belief4 and righteousness, you will see through the light of belief that the past is not non-existent and a graveyard that rots everything, but an existent, light-filled world which is transformed into the future and into a waiting-room for the immortal spirits who will enter palaces of bliss in the future. Since it appears thus, it affords not pain, but according to the strength of belief, a sort of paradaisical pleasure. The future, too, appears to the eye of belief not as a dark wasteland, but where banquets and exhibitions of gifts have been set up in palaces of everlasting bliss by the Most Merciful and Compassionate One of Glory and Bestowal, Whose mercy and munificence are infinite and Who makes the spring and summer into tables laden with bounties. Since, knowing he will be despatched there, a person observes this on the cinema screen of belief, he may experience in a way the pleasures of the eternal realm. All may do this according to their degree. That is to say, true, painfree pleasure is found only in belief in God, and is possible only through belief.

    From Staff of Moses, Risalei Nur collection by Said Nursi.


  • You Faithful Democrats better be prepared to also take credit for the coming euthanization and forced assisted suicide for anyone who is a “burden” and is no longer useful. Oh yes, you can be sure of it, it is coming. We have aborted (murdered) millions of future generations that there are millions fewer working to support subsequent generations …better murder grandma and grandpa, mom and dad, brother and sister, who have lived full lives living on earned retirement that they worked hard for decades…how selfish of them.. and since you justify abortion and demanded to take God out of your platform, you will also have to take responsibility when your voices and votes back the right for parents to kill their handicapped children who are born, but are not perfect and therefore really are a burden to parents, and to society…you, know the cost….can’t be justified.. .yes, the immoral majority won on their professed values….Watch out now, ’cause what you have bred will sooner or later come after you.