Two new TV spots for Noah: more trees, more violence!

Two new TV spots for Noah: more trees, more violence! February 6, 2014

Fifty days before the movie’s release, we have even more new Noah footage, courtesy of two new spots created for eastern European television. (What was that I said last night about the film getting a lot more advertising overseas than it has, so far, in North America?)

As always, you can watch the videos — each of which is about 30 seconds — and look at screencaps of all the new images below the jump. Alas, because the dialogue has been dubbed in a foreign language, I have no idea what the new soundbites are — but if anyone out there can translate them for me, I’d be much obliged!

Incidentally, the new TV ads both carry a “12+” tag in the lower left corner of the screen during the early bits, which suggests that the film is complete enough that it has already been rated in some countries.

So, without further ado, here are the videos:

And here are the screencaps of the new shots. (Screencaps of the shots that we already saw in the earlier trailers can be seen at the blog posts linked at the bottom of this post.) Instead of grouping the new shots by trailer, I’m going to group them by theme — and the first theme is that of Noah’s family before they build the Ark:

Given how young Noah’s children are in this shot, I’m guessing this comes from the earlier part of the film, too:

The magically-sprouting forest that we saw in the earlier trailers is here linked very closely to a mountain that we have also seen in the earlier trailers:

And here are two new shots of Noah and Naameh standing in that forest:

Here is a shot I don’t think we’ve seen before, from the construction of the Ark:

The rain begins to fall, and Methuselah looks up:

And then there are the more violent scenes, in which Tubal-Cain leads an assault on the Ark and Noah fights back. Here is Tubal-Cain, advancing with his men:

And here are some shots of Noah fighting back:

Finally the Flood arrives and the Ark rises to the water’s surface, and it looks like some of Tubal-Cain’s men float past the scaffolding that is left behind:

Because this next shot is linked, in the trailer, to shots of the Watchers falling to Earth and the like, I suspect that it comes from the sequence in which the Flood is already well under way, and Noah and his family are aboard the Ark, and Noah tells them the story of Creation and the Fall, to explain why the Flood was necessary:

There are some other shots that I can’t quite place, but it’s worth noting that one of the TV spots ends with this image of Noah, which — based on the hair alone (its length, its colour) — would seem to place this shot sometime after the Flood:

Finally, the miscellaneous shots, the last two of which seem familiar to me but not that familiar, which leads me to think that these TV ads used slightly different sections of these shots than the earlier trailers did:

Check out my earlier shot-by-shot trailer analyses here:

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