Is there a big spoiler in the new Star Trek Beyond TV spot?

Is there a big spoiler in the new Star Trek Beyond TV spot? July 18, 2016


So a bunch of Star Trek Beyond reviews went online last Friday, and I read a few of them to get a sense of what the movie would be about. Some of them hinted at a major revelation that comes up late in the film, but they declined to say what it was.

Now, however, Paramount has released a TV spot that might just give it away.

It’s possible, of course, that the spot in question doesn’t show the precise spoiler that the reviews avoided describing, but it does hint at something very significant about one character that we haven’t seen in any of the other videos released so far.

You can watch the TV spot at your own risk below:

Paramount has also posted a new featurette on director Justin Lin:

They also posted three new six-second character videos:

Update: Paramount also released the fourth and final trailer today:

The film opens this coming Thursday night (i.e. July 21).

Check out earlier Star Trek Beyond trailers and other videos here:

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