Watch: Meet eight more members of the animal cast from The Star

Watch: Meet eight more members of the animal cast from The Star November 7, 2017


The animal videos keep coming. Last week we met the actors providing the voices of Mary, Joseph and their donkey Bo in The Star, the first big-studio animated movie based on the New Testament. Now Sony Animation has released three more featurettes to introduce us to eight more of the film’s furry and feathery co-stars.

First, here’s Keegan-Michael Key as Bo’s best friend Dave the dove:

Next, here are Oprah and Tyler Perry (and Tracy Morgan) as the Wise Men’s camels:

Finally, here are Patricia Heaton, Kelly Clarkson and Kristin Chenoweth (and Anthony Anderson) as the stable animals (three of whom we saw in an earlier clip):

The Star comes to theatres across North America on November 17.

Check out earlier The Star trailers and other videos here:

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