‘Hillary’ replaces ‘Jesus’ in campaign rally song

‘Hillary’ replaces ‘Jesus’ in campaign rally song September 6, 2015

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Well, this is… odd.

When Hillary Clinton had a rally in Portsmouth, New Hampshire rally Saturday, a choir performed an old Christian song called “Woke Up This Morning (With My Mind on Jesus).”

Well, sort of.  Instead of “Jesus” being on their mind, “Hillary” was apparently on their mind.

Check it out: (h/t The American Mirror)

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  • Tara Edelschick

    Oh, that is not good. Yuck.

  • Beep Beep

    Pretty good English for a bunch of Russians singing at Putin’s summer home.

  • jerry lessard

    a whole lot of Garbage in one place.Taking Christ out of everything has no Limits,even gospel songs. desperation moves for a traitor that is responsible for the Benghasi tragedy “what difference does it make”

  • Jon

    That is sick!!

  • Tweesa

    I have never heard this song before but, what they did to take away glory from Jesus is shameful! To hear Hallelujah and Hillary in this context is blasphemous!.. Hallelujah means praise the Lord.

  • Frank Schrock

    F_____G A——-S These women should be shot

  • The people in this country are SICK and PERVERTED and they will go to HELL.

  • integralmurmur

    @frankschrock:disqus – Surely calling for a group of women to be killed is MUCH worse than their replacing a name in a song? What a horrible thing to say. Did Christ himself hand down this most sacred of hymns and hinge our very salvation upon its being performed properly, and reverently? Do you think this offends him? Do you think he’d say, “They removed my name from a song, kill them!” ? I think it’s the hate in your heart he’d be most concerned with …? @jameslecroy:disqus – same to you, pal. On whose authority are you relegating this group to an eternity of suffering and torment? Because they sang a song improperly? Are you kidding? It’s strange, for sure, but reacting so harshly against the women in the video seems to me to be much more worthy of judgment.

  • Trevor Lahey

    Why did I hear this entire post in Dana Carvey’s ‘Church Lady’ voice? Talk about manufactured outrage…

  • AZWarrior

    Wow. Could these ‘Vagina Voters’ get anymore sad, pathetic, disgusting and ridiculous?

  • Vcgu

    Nancy French is the queen of manufactured outrage! On the blog she writes for Stacey Dash she went so far as to say Hillary herself wrote this song because she’s a sociopath who thinks she is Jesus.