Two Gift Goats Provide Recurring Revenue Reports Gospel for Asia

Two Gift Goats Provide Recurring Revenue Reports Gospel for Asia December 13, 2017

Gospel for Asia (GFA) News, Wills Point, Texas

Try to think of a gift you received five years ago. Can you think of one? If you remember one, it probably made a special impression on your heart. It was something meaningful.

But did it change your life or your family’s?

Ujala was in need of a gift like that, a gift that would drastically alter the course of his life.

Two Goats Provide Recurring Revenue

Sweating in the open fields every day wasn’t helping to get Ujala’s family out of poverty. It looked as though his five sons would have to follow the continuous cycle of harsh life and struggle. But Ujala had hope, and he prayed God would provide.

Ujala didn’t let their circumstance shake his devotion and love for Jesus. He firmly believed God would supply all their needs. Month followed after month, and their situation didn’t improve, but somehow, they always got by. Ujala faithfully continued meeting with other Christians to worship Jesus, and he worked hard to provide for his wife and sons. Although their financial situation was difficult—even pathetic at times—Ujala trusted Jesus.

He learned that, as Dr. K.P. Yohannan writes, “During chaos, confusion and uncertainty, we don’t have to lose hope.”

A Seventy-five Goat Increase

Ujala’s struggles did not go unnoticed. God moved in the heart of Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Patoj to help his friend. Patoj arranged for Ujala to receive a pair of goats during a Christmas gift distribution held at their church. Ujala received the gifts gratefully and took them home. This was just the beginning of his faith-filled prayers being answered.

God blessed his family through this simple pair of goats. Over the next five years, the goats multiplied again and again, and Ujala ended up with 75 goats! Ujala didn’t keep them all, however. He could sell one male goat for around $70, and he sold several to help his family.

Through this revenue, Ujala was able to send his children to school and even build a small house.

God answered this father’s prayer through a pair of goats. Gifts like this are made possible through GFA’s Christmas Gift Catalog. God honored Ujala’s faith and steadfast heart, and now Ujala and his sons have a brighter future!

raising goats - KP Yohannan - Gospel for Asia
Ujala received a pair of goats through Gospel for Asia’s Christmas Gift Catalog. After five years of raising his goats, his herd increased to 75 goats!

The gift Ujala received drastically changed his family. Years later, his day-to-day life was still affected by the generosity of people all across the globe whom he had never met—all because of love.

Gifts abound at Christmastime, some large and some small. There’s nothing wrong with giving someone a little trinket or a fun snack to show them we thought of them and love them; almost everyone enjoys those kind gestures—because it is the love behind the gift that means the very most. But love is even greater revealed through gifts that meet the current needs of those we care about.

For Ujala and his family, and for thousands of other families who receive gifts in the name of Love, knowing they are seen by God and His children brings bright hope into their situations. Whether the gift provides income, like Ujala’s goats did, or whether the gift is a cup of water given in Christ’s name, the possibilities of transformation are limitless.


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