21 Things They Don’t Tell You in Pre-Marital Counseling

21 Things They Don’t Tell You in Pre-Marital Counseling June 17, 2016

It was a sweltering Saturday when our closest friends and family gathered on Flower Hill in Montevallo, Alabama. Storm clouds were brewing and I was wearing linen pants, a linen shirt, and flip flops, running and yelling, “Everyone get in your places! We’re gonna have a wedding!”

Today is the anniversary of that crazy moment. During the past nine years, we’ve done a lot of living. We’ve learned some beautiful and some painful lessons. We’ve each spent a week on a psych ward. We’ve had two babies. We’ve led two youth groups. We’ve nearly divorced at least once. And we have only just begun to learn what truly matters in life.

One thing is for sure, there are several things no one tells you before you walk down that aisle.

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21 Things They Don't Tell You in Pre-Marital Counseling

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